Warriors of Sunlight


An ancient talisman depicting a holy symbol
bestowed upon the Warriors of Sunlight.

Boosts lightning damage by 5% whilst worn.

Enables the collection of Sunlight Medal from

Warriors of Sunlight are brilliantly beaming co-operators
who place their golden signatures to help those in need,
for it is their duty to deliver a great conquest to their summoner.


Received by using the 'Form Covenant' option with Solaire of Astora, who is found sitting beside the Abandoned Storeroom bonfire.

Can be found in the Undead Settlement.

List of Rewards

Reward Offerings required Souls Required
Sunlight Elixir 10 Sunlight Medal 2,500
Lightning Gem* 5 Sunlight Medal 1,250
Heavenly Thunder 15 Sunlight Medal 40,000
Sunlight Straight Sword 10 Sunlight Medal 4,000
Sunlight Shield 10 Sunlight Medal 15,000
Iron Helm 3 Sunlight Medal 3,500
Armor of the Sun 3 Sunlight Medal 5,000
Iron Bracelets 3 Sunlight Medal 3,500
Iron Leggings 3 Sunlight Medal 3,500

*Same unlock requirements as Item Forge.


  • Boosts Lightning damage by 5% and all enemies have a 5% chance (affected by Item Discovery) to drop a Sunlight Medal whilst worn.
  • Areas where enemies constantly respawn (like the graveyard outside of the Cleansing Chapel bonfire) switch the covenant material drop rate to 1%.

Information here is accurate for version 2.03.

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