Utility Items


These items affect gameplay and have unlimited uses.

Icon Name Availability Usage
binoculars-dish.jpg Binoculars
  • Found on one of the battlements early on in the High Wall of Lothric, near the large dragon corpse. From the High Wall of Lothric bonfire, head down the stairs right next to it. Just before the stairs that lead down into the tower ahead, there is a staircase to the left. The binoculars are on the top of the tower.

Used to see into the distance.

Using the Up/Down buttons on the D-Pad of the controller (or whichever buttons are bound to spell and toolbelt scrolling) zooms in/out the view.

Black-Eye-Orb.png Black Eye Orb
  • Found on Rosaria's corpse after talking to Leonhard in Rosaria's chamber.

Use to invade Ringfinger Leonhard in Gwynevere's Chamber in Anor Londo.

church-guardian-shiv-dish.jpg Church Guardian Shiv

Throw illusory blades that seek foes, dealing 150 Physical damage.

coiled-sword-fragment-dish.jpg Coiled Sword Fragment

Return to last bonfire rested at, or to Firelink Shrine.

darksign-dish.jpg Darksign
  • Automatically received at the start of the game.

Used to return to the last bonfire rested at, or to the Firelink Shrine bonfire, at the cost of losing all Souls.

divine-spear-fragment-dish.jpg Divine Spear Fragment
  • Summons a row of ritual spears, dealing 600 [500] Lightning damage.
  • Prevents staggering and increases absorptions for a few seconds.
  • Costs 50 FP to use.
  • Unlimited uses.
  • Can be used at any location regardless of covenant equiped.
focus-implement.png Focusing Crystal
  • Automatically received at the start of the game.

Restores 100 FP but renders the holder vulnerable.
The amount of FP restored can be increased by giving Resonating Crystals to Acolyte Grudore in Firelink Shrine.

ritual-spear-fragment-dish.jpg Ritual Spear Fragment
  • Summons a row of ritual spears, dealing 500 [400] Lightning damage.
  • Prevents staggering and increases absorptions for a few seconds.
  • Costs 25 FP to use.
  • Unlimited uses.
  • Can be used at any location regardless of covenant equiped.
Spellbound-Blossom.jpg Spellbound Blossom

Increases Stamina Recovery by +10 for 60 seconds.

spellbound-bomb.jpg Spellbound Bomb

Explodes, inflicting 200 Fire damage.

ceaseless-dung-pie.jpg Spellbound Dung



Inflicts 60 Toxic build up for both the enemy and the user.

Spellbound-Kukri.jpg Spellbound Kukri

Throw at foes to inflict 120 Physical damage and 30 Bleed build up.

Spellbound-Powder.jpg Spellbound Powder

Restores 150 Durability to currently equipped weapons and armor.

Spellbound-Skull.jpg Spellbound Skull

Attracts certain types of enemies.

Spellbound-Throwing-Knife.jpg Spellbound Throwing Knife

Throw at foes to inflict 100 Physical damage.

Spellbound-Urn.jpg Spellbound Urn

Explodes, inflicting 300 [100] Lightning damage.

stone-of-draconic-fire.jpg Stone of Draconic Fire



Activating the Fading Dragon Stone while naked releases a fire breath, dealing 300 Fire damage.

twinkling-dragon-stone.jpg Stone of Draconic Might

Activating the Twinkling Dragon Stone while naked summons two giant hands, smashing the ground, dealing 1,000 Physical damage, while boosting damage by 10% and preventing stagger for 10 seconds.

young-grass-dew-dish.jpg Young Grass Dew
  • Can only be used whilst the Spears of the Church emblem is equipped.
  • Costs 30 FP to use.
  • Unlimited uses.
  • Lasts for 2 minutes.
  • Grants 3 HP every second.
  • Grants +5 Stamina Recovery.
  • 5% damage absorption.

Summon Catalyst

These items have unlimited uses and can be used to summon Companions.

Icon Name Availability Usage
Opus-of-Allegiance.png Opus of Allegiance

Use to summon Praxos as a Companion.

Opus-of-Avarice.png Opus of Avarice

Use to summon Gimbal as a Companion.

Opus-of-Crystals.png Opus of Crystals

Use to summon Tazshi as a Companion.

Opus-of-Demons.png Opus of Demons

Use to summon Bazdulk as a Companion.

Opus-of-Divinity.png Opus of Divinity

Use to summon Erekris as a Companion.

Opus-of-Foresight.png Opus of Foresight

Use to summon Alfreda as a Companion.

Opus-of-Loyalty.png Opus of Loyalty

Use to summon Zarloth as a Companion.

Opus-of-Royalty.png Opus of Royalty

Use to summon Farold as a Companion.

Opus-of-Sunlight.png Opus of Sunlight

Use to summon Solaire of Astora as a Companion.

Opus-of-the-Congregation.png Opus of the Congregation

Use to summon Metora as a Companion.

Opus-of-the-Crab.png Opus of the Crab

Use to summon El Crabbo as a Companion.

Opus-of-the-Deep.png Opus of the Deep

Use to summon Father John as a Companion.

Opus-of-the-Dog.png Opus of the Dog

Use to summon Woof as a Companion.

Opus-of-the-Rat.png Opus of the Rat

Use to summon Moxie as a Companion.

Opus-of-the-Rock.png Opus of the Rock

Use to summon Rocky as a Companion.

Opus-of-the-Slug.png Opus of the Slug

Use to summon Sluggo as a Companion.

Opus-of-the-Tomb.png Opus of the Tomb

Use to summon El Hueso as a Companion.

Summon Gameplay

These items affect Companions and have unlimited uses.

Icon Name Availability Usage
Banishing-Coin.png Banishing Coin



Banish active companions from your world.

Inciting-Bone.png Beckoning Bone

Recall your active Companions, causing them to appear in front of you.

regenerating-phial.png Energizing Phial


Use to increase the Stamina Recovery of summoned Companions by 30 for 30 seconds.

invigorating-phial.png Invigorating Phial


Use to boost the damage of summoned Companions by 20% for 30 seconds.

rejuvenation-phial.png Rejuvenating Phial



Use to restore 20% HP of summoned Companions.


These items affect multiplayer gameplay and have unlimited uses (except Way of White Circlet).

Icon Name Availability Usage
black-separation-crystal-dish.jpg Black Separation Crystal
  • Automatically received at the start of the game.

Sends friendly phantoms back to their world, or the player to his or her world.

dried-finger-dish.jpg Dried Finger

Allows to have up to six Unkindled in the world, three being friendly, two hostile, and the host.

Resets the invasion timer.

hello-carving-dish.jpg Hello Carving

Says "Hello" when dropped to the ground. This effect can be used to communicate with other players.

help-me-carving-dish.jpg Help me! Carving

Says "Help me!" when thrown on the ground.

i-m-sorry-carving-dish.jpg I'm sorry Carving

Says "I'm sorry" when thrown on the ground.

Red-Eye-Orb.png Red Eye Orb

Used to invade other worlds.

The Red Eye Orb has the same effect as a Cracked Red Eye Orb, but is not consumed on use.

red-sign-soapstone-dish.jpg Red Sign Soapstone

Places a red summon sign on the ground.

roster-of-knights-dish.jpg Roster of Knights

Used to check the Blades of the Darkmoon leaderboard.

thank-you-carving-dish.jpg Thank you Carving

Says "Thank you" when thrown on the ground.

very-good-carving-dish.jpg Very good! Carving * Sold by the Shrine Handmaid after giving her the Dragon Chaser's Ashes.

Says "Very good!" when thrown on the ground.

way-of-white-circlet-dish.jpg Way of White Circlet
  • Automatically received at the start of the game.

Can be used to reduce the penalty received for disconnecting from multiplayer sessions.

white-sign-soapstone-dish.jpg White Sign Soapstone

Places a Summon Sign on the ground.

Information here is accurate for version 1.92.

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