Undead Bone Shard

Undead Settlement

  • On the roof of the building in area where you encounter the Demon.

Road of Sacrifices

  • In the blocked passage area near to the ladder down to Farron swamp.

Farron Keep

  • In between the Elder Ghru trio in the swamp.

Cathedral of the Deep

  • On the coffin jutting out in the area that approaches the Cathedral entrance.

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

  • Found behind the gravestone the Corvian is praying at.

Profaned Capital

  • On the ledge that drops down from the Toxic swamp area back to the Profaned Capital tower.

Smouldering Lake

  • Dropped by the Carthus Sandworm.
  • Found within the catacombs beneath the cavern, in the passage with Smouldering Rotten Flesh.

Lothric Castle

  • In the secret beneath the elevator that leads up to the Twin Princes.

Grand Archives

  • On the rooftops near the trio of Angelic Winged Knights.
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