Thieves' Pact


The emblem for the Thieves' Pact.

Increases Item Discovery by 20 whilst worn.

Enables the collection of various consumable
items from enemies.

The success of thievery depends upon bonds of
trust amoungst thieves.


Received by using the 'Form Covenant' option with Greirat of the Undead Settlement.

Starting equipment of the Adventurer class.


Devotion Level Offerings required Emblem Effect
I None Increases Item Discovery by 20.
II 10 Lost Trinket Increases Item Discovery by 40.
III 20 Lost Trinket Increases Item Discovery by 60.
IV 30 Lost Trinket Increases Item Discovery by 80.
V 50 Lost Trinket Increases Item Discovery by 100.

List of Rewards

Reward Offerings required Souls Required
Titanite Shard 1 Lost Trinket 100
Large Titanite Shard 3 Lost Trinket 100
Titanite Chunk 10 Lost Trinket 100
Titanite Slab 20 Lost Trinket 100
Primordial Fragment 25 Lost Trinket 100
Melu Scimitars 15 Lost Trinket 26,000
Helix Halberd 15 Lost Trinket 43,000
Man Serpent Greatsword 10 Lost Trinket 36,000
Flynn's Bow 10 Lost Trinket 24,000

Enables the drop of the following items when defeating any enemy:


Information here is accurate for version 2.15.

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