The Family


There are none who knows of the families origins, only that they appeared one day, and took over the remnants of Firelink Shrine, seemingly controlling the Black Knights. That would speak to a level of magic that is unseen to most eyes.

Perhaps their true power is needed to hold something else at bay?

Some say that even if you kill the father, he doesn't die for long. Perhaps it is a curse, but surely such a story is only a legend?


[Father]] is immediately after Champion Gundyr.

The Mother is located on the outside upper level of Firelink. Go right before the Chaos Blade.

The Child is located near the Giant Tree inside Firelink Shrine.

General Information

This page refers to the 'Family' as a whole.

The Family contains the Mother, Father and Child.

The Father wields a Fire Zweihander (Presumably +10) and has not put any points into dexterity. The Father wields one of the heaviest armors in the game, Havel's Armor, and still fast rolls. The Father wears the Mask of the Father, which increases maximum equipment load. The Father also uses the Grass crest shield, and, presumably, has the ring of favour and protection, as well as Havel's Ring. Endurance, Health, Stamina, all he could ever want.

The Mother is different, instead opting for extremely light armor, the Firekeeper set. Perhaps the mother requires souls, to better feed her child. She wears The Mask of the Mother, which increases max hp, and has heavily leveled Dex, much to the chagrin of the Father. She wields the Frayed Blade, which is a dex only weapon, and the Spirit Tree Crest Shield.

If the Mother is dexterity incarnate, and the Father strength incarnate, then perhaps the Child is Edge incarnate. 'It' wields not just one claw, or a pair of claws, but in fact 4 claws. The Child has never been seen using the spare pair of claws, and one worries at what secrets they hold.

The Child wears a mix between light and heavy armor, the Undead Legion Armor. It is unknown whether or not the Child has ever served in such a place, but the Child never speaks, only jumps forward at any approaching being that isn't in it's family.


The Father drops the Mask of the Father.

The Mother drops the Mask of the Mother.

The Child drops the Mask of the Child.

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