#General Changes

  • By Ida: If it is possible, I suggest improving the returns of Endurance past having 40. As it is, there's no point in increasing the stat past 40 since you need 6 points to get 1 Stamina
  • By Code "just don't get hit" Zeta: If possible, add command prompts to the added warping spots
  • By Ida: Exclusive items that are obtainable by trading more than just 1 boss soul e.g. trading magic-themed souls such as Oceiros', Crystal Sage's, and Twin Princes' souls for a neat magic-oriented item/weapon/ring/spell
  • By Ida: Would be nice to have Fireseeds and even Catalysts to drop from the crow
  • By Ida: It would be fitting to add a warp to the Grand Archives by the Crystal Sage's boss area. Maybe near the Sage's Overlook bonfire.
  • By Ida: A warp to the Smouldering Lake by the Demon in the Undead Settlement. Maybe through the large bonfire in the middle of that area.
  • By a lot of people: More summonable phantoms for bosses especially for builds centered on being support
  • By Redshots: Adding upgrade materials for purchase at ludleth for Awestones. Any price you deem fair.



  • By Ida: Sunlight Greatsword to have innate lightning damage to match the theme and description.
  • By Ida: Blacksmith Hammer to have innate Fire damage
  • By Ida: A weapon with innate toxic aux
  • By Ida: Maybe even a toxic infusion. I know there's no menu indicator for it but the same arguement can be given to luck
  • By Ida: Dragon-kin weapons to give flat magic and fire defenses (to match the theme of previous Souls games). Maybe also a decrease in lightning defense
  • By Harmonixer & Sarangerel Chinua: "+" Ammunition that scale with the NG round e.g. NG +5 will have Standard Arrows +5. The same, of course, would be with other arrows, bolts and greatarrows
  • By Ida: A toxic/posion weapon from the decomposing corvians and the annoying lightning dudes that push you off ledges in The Ringed City
  • By Ida: Faith and Int Greatbows for the other greatarrows to actually scale because, as it is, the Milwood and Phys greatarrows simply outclasses everything else. I was thinking of:
    • Darkmoon Greatbow for Int
    • White Birch Greatbow for Faith
    • Izalith Greatbow for both Int & Faith (maybe 2 variants of this for dark and fire)
    • The first 2 can be an upscaled version of the original models and for the third one, I was thinking of the onislayer greatbow but with a smoldering effect? or the visual effect of dancer's dark blade
  • By Ida: Tailbone Pick and Tailbone Club have the same moveset. The only difference is the weapon art. As such, my suggestion is to liken the Tailbone Pick's moveset to the Irythill Pick
  • By Ida: Individual curved sword variations for the Dancer's swords
  • By Ida: Rose Of Ariandel WA speed to increase by 30% and a 5-10 increase in innate bleed build-up to make it more viable as a melee weapon
  • By Ida: A stronger variation of the Dark Hand. Maybe call it the Abyss' Hand and it can be transposed from Midr's soul. Maybe even make it scale with all stats or int & faith
  • By Ida: Onislayer Greatbow to deal bonus damage against demons. Since Oni literally means demon. If done, maybe the arrows too
  • By Lost "Block" Cat: Single Brigand Dagger in contrast to the dual wield
  • By Lost "Block" Cat: Single Gotthard Sword in contrast to the dual wield
  • By SHOVEL Act4 Requiem Over Heaven: A miracle catalyst weapon (like Heysel Pick). The suggestions after some discussion is it being a sword or a mace/warhammer. Another suggestion in line with this is a spear to have a lore of another eccentric silver knight being more of a caster than a melee fighter
  • By Kiro: An Ultra Greatsword variation of the Wolf Knight Sword
  • By Reflectionist: Add a Nagamaki weapon with the halberd or curved greatsword moveset. Suggested models for this would be a stretched out katana in the bass game or importing the Bewitched Alonne Sword from DS2
  • By Slave Knight Law: Chaos Arrows that deal damage over time (like the fire infusion effect) or have them explode
  • By Lost "Block" Cat: Dual wield Painting Guardian swords
  • By Ida: Dual Pontiff Knight Curve Swords
  • By Tenshi: Dual Rapiers using the Drang Twinspears moveset
  • By 「SHOVEL」Act4 Requiem Over Heaven: Increase the strength or poise of Wolnir's Holy Sword WA to be more viable and to at least compare to Morne's
  • By Kiro: If it's possible, change the weapon art of Fume Ultra Greatsword to Wolnir greatsword animation and it results in a small AoE with chaos orbs floating around for a few seconds, the weapon gains a fire buff for a small while. The weapon art consumes more FP than a normal weapon. This is to mimic the Fume Knight
  • By Ida: A weapon with innate soul gain boost. As it is, apart from the Medicant Staff which is a catalyst, there's no weapon with this effect but items, shields, armorsets, and rings have it. Maybe it could be themed with the firekeeper set and be a shortsword/dagger to be all around and usable by every build. Another idea is making some sort of weapon with a lore of it being used for rituals
  • By Ida: Have the bow that the giant by the Undead Settlement tower be usable. If I'm not mistaken, it's Gough's bow and it would be nice to be able to use it. Maybe name it to "Old Giant's Bow" and have a lore description of it being passed down from one giant to another through the eras
  • By Lost "Block" Cat: Bloodletter, Spiked Mace, Morning Star switching to deal Thrust damage
  • By Lost "Block" Cat: Dark Sword switching to deal Strike damage as the blade is kinda blunt imo.
  • By Lost "Block" Cat: More passive ability/ring effect for weapon similar to weapon such as the Morion Blade, Executioner GS, Smough's Great Hammer and etc.
  • By Merq: Owning both of Pontiff's weapons would give you the option to dual-weild them through Ludleth with the process similar to the Twin Princess Greatsword. The moveset would best be the Ringed Knight Greatswords and if it's possible, the fire explosion and fire energy be changed - removing the fire explosion/lava and adding the judgement cut effect instead of the fire energy wave thing
  • By Ida: Return the Fth scaling to Anri's SS. Sonsidering it IS an Astora weapon. Maybe reduce other scalings to make way for the fth scaling and balance
  • By a lot of people: Ciaran's blade to deal toxic build up instead of poison
  • By a lot of people: Firelink Ultra Greatsword
  • By a lot of people: If it's possible, changing the backstab/riposte animations of scythes. Suggested ideas to replace the animation or the animations of hammers and greathammer


  • By Gard: Adding more offensive shields to increase shield variety


  • By Gard: If it's possible, make the Black Knight Helmet stop showing the neck of the player character
  • By Neo-Shinryu: Add the Warlock Mask from DS2 and make it have a similar effect of increasing soul gain
  • By Reflectionist: Import the Jester Set from DS2 if possible and have Fester The Jester equip them
  • By CsuCsu: If Gwyndolin's Moonlight set gets imported from DS1, have it available after killing Aldrich or some area around the boss arena
  • By「SHOVEL」Act4 Requiem Over Heaven: Add a lump of Humanity helmet like the Harald Knights' head but with the derpy eyes


  • By Ida: A ring that gives poise (drawing from the poise of the Milwood warriors and the symbolism of Wolves, since they are plentiful in the Ariandel areas, with poise in line with DS1)
  • By Ida: A ring that increases the rate of speed at which status effects proc
  • By Ida: Status effect rings giving you flat status effect bonus per hit for each respective ring (bleed, frost, and poison). I'm suggesting a minuscule amount as to not make them overpowered or, if possible, to scale with the speed of the weapon one uses
  • By Ida: A ring that increases damage to dragon-kin enemies. If this does get implemented, I suggest having the same effect on "dragonslayer" equipment like the swordspear
  • By Ida: If it's possible: The Reversal Ring to ACTUALLY switch genders
  • By Ida:Two-stat rings or more. I was thinking of something along the lines of
    • Old Warlock's Ring: +3 Int and Fth
    • Champion's Ring: + 3 Str and Dex
    • Hero's Ring: +2 to all stats
    • I thought of having a total of 6 for stat bonuses as the draw backs and to contrast them to the stat boosting rings that focus on 1 stat
  • By Ida: Have "+" versions of the new boss rings. So there are new rings added for bosses like Yhorm's soul giving the Iron Grain Ring and the Twin's soul to gain the Elder Dragoncrest Ring. They don't have + versions yet and since in NG+, these rings become less and less viable per round, I was thinking of having "+" versions of these rings. It may be available again with the transposing oven or maybe obtainable around the game areas. Maybe also the same of the roll damage rings? Or even the flat stat boosting rings?
  • By Ida: Boost the absorption bonus of Steel Protection and Stoneplate rings because, as it is, they have the same bonus as the Greatwood Remnants Ring which makes the rings not viable considering one can just equip the Remnants Ring instead. ALTERNATIVELY, a nerf of the Remnants ring would do


  • By Ida: A pyromancy that adds toxic/poison to equipped weapon. If possible, the additional buildup scales with spellbuff
  • By Ida: A miracle that adds bleed (in line with the gnaw series). Same concept as the pyro one above
  • By xd Ayrton: A miracle that adds temporary increasing bleed build up mimicing that of how when leeches are stuck on the player character's body that only goes away when struck with fire damage or a torch is brought out. If the leeches are hard to animate on enemies, the suggestion is a red/white-ish fog around the enemy afflicted
  • By xd Ayrton: A dark spell that does dark damage over time over an area similar to Pestilent Mist but instead of dealing % of hp damage over time, it deals dark damage per tick (Similar to the lifedrain patch in DS2)
  • By xd Ayrton: A pyromancy that deals damage over time (similar to the effect of being struck by a fire infused weapon)
  • By both xd Ayrton & Lost "Block" Cat: Frost and lightning variants of Farron Flashsword / Dark Edge / Soul Greatsword to better the variety of melee based spells for miracles and sorcery
  • By Reflectionist: A pyromancy that deals both Fire damage and Toxic buildup. Suggested name would be "Bligthfire Orb"
  • By Reflectionist: A miracle which is a better version of the current "Lightning Blade" called "Sunlight Blade." The suggested FX would be how the Dragonslayer Swordspear's Lightning buff has a different color/look than the usual lightning buffs. After some discussion, there are 2 possible ways to implement this: Reducing the spellbuff scale of "Lightning Blade" by a bit and creating the new "Sunlight Blade" with a bit higher spellbuff scale than the current "Lightning Blade" OR having "Lightning Blade" add flat lightning damage while "Sunlight Blade" scales with spellbuff
  • By Slave Knight Law: New icons for Earthquake, Wretched Earth, and Earthfall. Maybe mimicking icons of similar spells of other schools. As it is now they have the same icon as Boulder Heave
  • By Lost "Block" Cat & Reflectionist: Add a weapon buff spell that adds physical damage to a weapon. The spell suggestion was favored to be a geomancy.
  • By Shieldless Bastard Law: Add a Miracle mimicing Lothric's Homing Light Orbs
  • By Ida: Considering Unleash Magic decreases max health till next loading screen, I think the bonus magic damage should be so too or at least make it last really long
  • By Rivlaw: Change the casting animation of Dark Edge to that of Farron Flashsword. Alternatively, return the preivous potency of Dark Edge and just make Dark Flashsword spell
  • By Azrael: A spell mimicing Midr's Humanity Attack
  • By a lot of people: Buff Firewhip. Even in vanilla, this was a pretty much non-viable spell. Maybe increase its casting animation speed? Or damage? Or AoE?


  • By Ida: Consumable items that give a benefit against tagged enemies e.g. an item where when you use it, you do extra damage to abyssal or hollow foes for a limited amount of time
  • By Ida: Toxic resin
  • By Ida: Witching urn to deal magic damage. Same with above but blue magic aura FX
  • By Ida: Dried Finger to be usable to summon more phantoms (for bossfights like the deacons) but have a side effect of increasing enemy damage or something in line with that
  • By SnokesBrotherGlorm: Add pine bundle variants for Magic and Dark
  • By Ida: Buff the status pine resins especially poison
  • By Ida: Move the Dragonchaser's Ashes to the middle of the guantlet area as such to have no "easy way" of getting it by just going to the great belfry bonfire and killing minimal enemies


  • By Ida: Decrease in enemy density or nerfing the enemies in the Ashes of Ariandel areas particularly the Mountain Pass and the area after you reach the church the painting girl is locked inside. I'd like to highligh the crow knights (Rapier and Claw variations) as they are really unrewarding to defeat and are extremely difficult. The Milwood areas feel okay though.
  • By Ida: Farron Follower NPC - An NPC with the Follower gear that may or may not drop the suggested weapons/items here that are Ariandel themed
  • By Ida: Elite Knight NPC to drop the armor set as to not be locked out of the set when doing the Lord Of Hollows questline (I don't know if this is a glitch but it happened to me). I was thinking of placing this NPC in the Church of the Deep
  • By Ida: Roaming Abysswatcher around Farron area. It could be in the forest, the swamp, or outside the boss arena. I was thinking of making the ones in the earlier areas (forest and swamp) non-respawning while the one outside the boss arena is respawning and would fight the Darkwraiths. Drops could be themed after their clothing, equipment, green blossom, black bug pellet, and whatnot.
  • By Relectionist & Lost "Block" Cat: Add an NPC that uses a Lance. Similar or even maybe an Ode to Maldron from DS2.
  • By Lost "Block" Cat: Add a soul for the Ancient Wyvern bossfight and have the soul be transposable to the Immortal Dragon Greatshield, Ancient Dragon Halberd, or (when/if it is imported from DS1) the Obsidian Greatsword
  • By Ida: Buff Anri as he has so little HP especially when doing his questline in helping Aldrich
  • By Slave Knight Law: Vinheim Mage-Assassin NPC in Archives. Drops Clandestine Coat and Pestilent Mist (Remove it from Orbeck's Sellings).Pestilent Mist, Aural Decoy, Spook, Flashsword, Greatsword and Great Soul Arrow being the spells he uses. Equiped with parrying dagger and a dagger with lethal infusion.
  • By Ida: Given the intended progression placement of the Ariandel DLC with regard to other areas, I suggest that the followers drop large titanite shards and chunks instead of titanite shards and large titanite shards
  • By Ida: If possible, change the soul drops of several enemies in NG+ to better variations. The hollows around firelink still drop a fading soul and, at that point, it's pretty pointless.
  • By Ida: Have the Giant Crystal Lizards drop more than just 1 Titanite Scale as it pales in comparison to farming the rock lizards at Archdragon Peak
  • By Ida: Deep Accursed to drop Human Dregs too
  • By Darkmoonbeam: Curse Rotten Greatwood to drop mound makers covenant so to not lock a player out of the covenant, bloodlust, and warmth permanently if it is missed. Hodrick could provide ap layer with a pain-less way to acquire flameberge as a reward instead.
  • By SOME of people: Vawser NPC in Soul Of Cinder area


  • Undead Settlement
    • By Ida: The area with the Demon and Siegward needs more treasure density. It feels really empty and underused. Maybe add a few titanite shards or trivial items like green blossoms or pellets.
  • Irythill Of The Boreal Valley
    • By Ida: Move the bonfire by the Archdeacon from the area with 2 beasts to the area above it. I was thinking of the area in front of the illusory wall as it is a strategic and fitting pivot point and having to climb up the stairs repeatedly is such a slog.
  • Dreg Heap
    • By Keksecutioner: Place the bonefire in after the Demon Prince fight to the middle of the boss arena and name it "Ruined Shrine" as a tidbit touch for lore.
    • By Ida: Have some of the imported DS1 items in the area where Frampt is supposedly located right after the Demon Prince fight. Would be a nice touch of reward and a good ode to DS1 to see those imported items there
  • Ashes Of Ariandel Areas
    • By Ida: Add more treasures. The areas are way too large to not have enough treasures and it feels a waste of space. It can be as trivial as a titanite shard or as important as a ring.


  • By Ida: Have a portion in the changelogs where we can see what is planned for the next updates. Something like "Next Update: New weapons. Reworked Infusions" or whatnot.

NOTE: The latest suggestions are always added at the bottom of each section BEFORE the suggestions that were requested by several people

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