Stats (short for Statistics) is an umbrella term for all quantifiable data related to a Dark Souls III character.


Primary Attributes

Primary attributes directly control most of the other character related stats. They can be increased by talking to the Fire Keeper in the Firelink Shrine and spending Souls to level up. A character's level is the sum of its primary attributes minus 89 (e.g. a level one character, starting with the Deprived class, has a combined total of 90 points distributed over all primary attributes).

List of Primary Attributes

Attribute Description
Vigor Controls HP and Frost resistance.
Attunement Controls FP and Attunement Slots
Endurance Controls Stamina, Lightning Defense, and Bleed resistance.
Vitality Controls Equipment Load, Physical Defense, Poison resistance, and Falling Damage.
Strength Controls weapon damage and Fire Defense.
Determines which weapons can be equipped.
Dexterity Controls weapon damage, Cast Speed, and Falling Damage.
Determines which weapons can be equipped.
Intelligence Controls spell damage and Magic Defense.
Determines which weapons and spells can be equipped.
Faith Controls spell damage and Dark Defense.
Determines which weapons and spells can be equipped.
Luck Controls Item Discovery and Curse resistance.

Item Modifiers

Item Primary Attribute Modification
Gargoyle Helm +5 Vigor
Mercenary Ring +5 Vigor
Black Witch Veil +10 Attunement
Heretic Ring +5 Attunement
Wanderer's Coat +5 Endurance
Merchant Ring +5 Endurance
Skull Mask +5 Vitality
Physician Ring +5 Vitality
Old Growth Balm +10 Strength for 5 minutes
Yhorm's Crown +5 Strength
Knight's Ring +5 Strength
Vine Balm +10 Dexterity for 5 minutes
Wolf Knight Gauntlets +5 Dexterity
Hunter's Ring +5 Dexterity
Blackweed Balm +10 Intelligence
Old Sorcerer Hat +5 Intelligence
Scholar Ring +5 Intelligence
Goldenfruit Balm +10 Faith
Evangelist Hat +5 Faith
Maiden Robe +5 Faith
Shira's Crown +5 Faith
Priestess Ring +5 Faith
Jester Ring +5 Luck
Golden Falcon Shield +5 Luck
Thrall Hood +5 Luck
Prisoner's Chain +5 Vigor, Endurance and Vitality
Karla's Pointed Hat +3 Intelligence and Faith

Secondary/Derived Attributes

Attribute Description
Level Value indicating the general strength of one's combined attributes.
Use Souls to level up.
HP One's mettle, or will to live.
Character dies when this reaches zero.
Use the Estus Flask, or rest at a bonfire to replenish.
FP Required to use spells and Weapon Arts.
Use the Ashen Estus Flask, or rest at a bonfire to replenish.
Stamina Required for various actions.
Depletes when actions are taken, but recovers automatically.
Equip Load Total weight of equipped weapons and armor.
Movement slows as load increases.
Exceed the rightmost number and movement slows dramatically.
Poise The ability to withstand attacks without breaking form.
Item Discovery Governs likelihood of finding items on the corpses of defeated enemies.
Attunement Slots Number of attunement slots for spells.
Spells take the form of Sorceries, Pyromancies, Miracles and Dark Spells.

Special Attributes

Attribute In-Game Description
Hollowing The degree to which this character is cursed.
The character will turn hollow if the curse grows too severe.

Diminishing Returns

Stat Soft Cap
Vigor 20~60
Attunement 30~60
Endurance 40
Vitality 99
Strength 30~60
Dexterity 30~60
Intelligence 15~65
Faith 15~65
Luck 30~60

Stat-Affecting Items / Effects

Item / Effect Name Stat Effect
Ember +30% max HP
Crimson Parma +10% max HP
Yhorm's Greatshield +10% max HP
Mask of the Mother +10% max HP
Life Ring +20% max HP
Pilgrims of Dark +10% max HP
Scholar's Candlestick +10% max FP
Channeler's Trident +10% max FP
Scholar's Bow +10% max FP
Sacred Bloom Shield +10% max FP
Iron Cage +20% max FP
Dragonscale Ring +20% max FP
Ring of Wisdom +5% max FP
Caduceus Round Shield +10% max Stamina
Greatshield of Artorias +10% max Stamina
Wolf Knight's Greatshield +10% max Stamina
Blunt infusion +10% max Equipment Load
Respite infusion +10% max Equipment Load
Havel's Ring +20% max Equipment Load
Preacher's Right Arm +10% max Equipment Load
Mask of the Father +10% max Equipment Load
Heavenly Relief +25% max Equipment Load
Ring of Favor +5% max HP, Stamina and Equipment Load
Firelink Dagger +5% max HP, FP and Stamina
Firelink Spear +5% max HP, FP and Stamina
Firelink Sword +5% max HP, FP and Stamina
Firelink Rapier +5% max HP, FP and Stamina
Firelink Greatsword +5% max HP, FP and Stamina
Crown of the Great Lord +10% max HP, FP and Stamina, changes backstep animation
Ring of Favor +5% max HP, Stamina and Equipment Load
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