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Stamina Icon Required for various actions.
Depletes when actions are taken, but recovers automatically.


Stamina is a Derived Attribute that represents a character's physical energy, and is used to perform combat actions, like attacking, dodge rolling or blocking with a shield. Once it has depleted, the player is unable to commit any actions that require it.

Max Stamina-Affecting Items / Effects

Item Name Stat Effect
Symbol of the Penitent +25/30/35/40% max Stamina
Caduceus Round Shield +10% max Stamina
Greatshield of Artorias +10% max Stamina
Wolf Knight's Greatshield +10% max Stamina
Creighton's Steel Mask +5% max Stamina
Drakeblood Helm +5% max Stamina
Fang Boar Helm +5% max Stamina
Golem Helm +5% max Stamina
Lothric Knight Helm +5% max Stamina
Lucatiel's Mask +5% max Stamina
Penetrator Set +5% max Stamina
Royal Soldier Helm +5% max Stamina
Ruin Helm +5% max Stamina
Ascended Lightning Blade +20% max Stamina
Firelink Dagger +5% max HP, FP and Stamina
Firelink Spear +5% max HP, FP and Stamina
Firelink Sword +5% max HP, FP and Stamina
Firelink Rapier +5% max HP, FP and Stamina
Firelink Greatsword +5% max HP, FP and Stamina
King's Set +8% max HP, FP and Stamina
Ring of Favor +7.5/10/12.5/15% max HP, Stamina and Equipment Load
Curse of Enfeeblement -50% max HP, FP and Stamina

Stamina Damage

Attacking an enemy while he is blocking results in some of his Stamina being reduced, leaving him open for a Critical Attack if it reaches 0.

Some items increase the Stamina damage received by blocking enemies.

Item / Effect Stamina Damage Boost
Blunt weapon infusion +25%
Ascended Carthus Flame Arc +100%
Gargoyle Helm +25%
Gargoyle Skull +25%
Mask of Cruelty +25%
Horsehoof Ring +50/100/150/200%
Knight Slayer's Ring +50/100/150/200%
Dragon Remnants +25%

Stamina Consumption

Certain items will reduce or increase the Stamina cost for weapon attacks, spell casting and evasive actions (rolls and backsteps).

Item / Effect Weapon and Spell Stamina Consumption
Lethal weapon infusion -15%
Watchdogs of Farron -10%
Frying Pan -50%
Eastern Iron Shield -10%
Hawkwood's Shield -10%
Carthus Shield -10%
Alonne Captain Helm -10%
Brigand Hood -10%
Dancer's Crown -10%
Eastern Helm -10%
Exile Mask -10%
Gundyr's Helm -10%
Ornate Samurai Helm -10%
Outrider Knight Helm -10%
Slave Knight Hood -10%
Vengarl's Helm -10%
Fool's Sigil -25%
Relic of Insanity -20%
Relic of Power -10%
Wood Grain Ring -25/30/35/40%
Soul of a Fallen Warrior -80%
Curse of Gluttony +100%
Item / Effect Evasion Stamina Consumption
Carthus Milkring -25%
Carthus Bloodring +50%
Greatwood Remnants +20%
Cursed Ring of Evasion -50%
Curse of Gluttony +100%

Stamina Recovery

Stamina recovers at a default rate of 45 points per second.
The recovery rate can be influenced by certain items (e.g. the Chloranthy Ring) in both positive or negative ways.

The modifiers to Stamina recovery are flat, i.e. the Chloranthy Ring recovers +10 points per second, not a percentage.

Stamina Recovery Modifiers

Item / Effect Regen. Rate
Rejuvenation shield infusion +15
Galvanize +30
Impact -10
Green Blossom +10
Budding Green Blossom +15
Soul of a Fallen Berserker +100
Young Grass Dew +5
Grass Crest Shield +15
Greatshield of Glory -5
Binded Hood +10
Corvian Knight Helmet +10
Mask of the Child +10
Mask of War +10
Ragged Mask +10
Wolf Knight Helm +10
Chloranthy Ring +20/30/40/50
Fool's Sigil +30
Green Tearstone Ring +100
Ring of Adversity +30
Power Within +30
Deep Protection +10
Frostbite -10
> 70% Equip Load -9
> 100% Equip Load -14

The only percentage modifier is whilst the player is blocking or in a Weapon Arts Stance, which reduces Stamina recovery by -80%.

Information here is accurate for version 1.84.

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