Lightning Spear
Lightning Spear
Lightning Spear Image
spell-type.png Category Miracle
damage-type.png Effect Type Offensive/Ranged
spell-fp.png FP Cost 20
slots-used.png Slots Used 1
soul-value.png Sell Price 150
intelligence.png Intelligence faith.png Faith
0 20

In-game description

Miracle allegedly used by Warriors of Sunlight.

Hurls a lightning spear.

The spears inflict lightning damage, providing an effective counter to magic or fire. Especially powerful against metal armor and dragons.


Hurls a lightning spear.


  • Champion's Pact transposition in exchange for 5 Awestones and 100 Souls.
  • Farron Keep - from the Old Wolf bonfire, head to the bridge. The spell is at the head of the large, dead dragon.


  • Lightning damage: Spell Buff x2.00 [x0.50] [x1.00] before resistances.
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