Deep Protection
Deep Protection
Deep Protection Image
spell-type.png Category Common Hex
damage-type.png Effect Type Buff/Self
spell-fp.png FP Cost 30
slots-used.png Slots Used 1
soul-value.png Sell Price 150
intelligence.png Intelligence faith.png Faith
15 15


Hex taught to inaugurated deacons of the Cathedral of the Deep.

Boosts damage and absorption by 5%, increases stamina recovery by 10 and increases resistances by 50. Lasts 60 seconds.

Ascended Effect: increases damage and absorption boost to 10%, increases Poison, Toxic, Bleed, Curse and Frost resistance boost to 100.

The Deep was originally a peaceful and sacred place, but became the final rest for many abhorrent things. This tale of the Deep offers protection for those who worship amidst those horrors.
Some extra ATK/absorption/resist/stamina recovery


Increases damage and absorption by 5%. Increases Poison, Toxic, Bleed, Frost and Curse resistance by +50. Increases Stamina Recovery by 10. Lasts 60 seconds.

Ascended Effect: Increases damage and absorption by 10%. Increases aux. resistances by 100.




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