Chaos Bed Vestiges
Chaos Bed Vestiges
Chaos Bed Vestiges Image
spell-type.png Category Fire Pyromancy
damage-type.png Effect Type Offensive/Ranged
spell-fp.png FP Cost 100
slots-used.png Slots Used 2
soul-value.png Sell Price 500
intelligence.png Intelligence faith.png Faith
0 0


Traces of the tumultuous seedbed that birthed
the beings known as Demons.

Hurls chaos flame that scorches vicinity.

Demons born from fire bore its smoldering essence and perished soon after. Man shares this rapport with the flames to this day.


Hurl chaos flame that scorches vicinity, dealing 250 Fire damage (50 for reduced AoE).

Spell Ascension

Chaos Vortex

Changes the cast animation to Profaned Flame and the orb becomes stationary for 5 seconds, adding 50 Fire damage per second.



Information here is accurate for version 2.15.

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