Spell Ascension

Spell Ascension is a game mechanic in which certain Spells can be empowered, increasing the damage they do or giving them new effects over their base versions. It should be noted that ascending a spell does not always equate to a flat upgrade, as some spells do behave differently once ascended.

Sorcery Ascension

Magician Quilon will ascend Sorceries, while the player has the 'basic' version of the spell to ascend and a specific amount of Crystal Fragments in the inventory. The total number of Crystal Fragments needed to ascend each spell once totals to 450, the lowest amount required of the four schools of magic.

Basic Sorcery Crystal Fragments Required Ascended Sorcery
Farron Dart 10 Bloodthirsty Farron Dart
Soul Wave 10 Swift Soul Wave
Soul Arrow 10 Explosive Soul Arrow
Soul Spear 15 Swift Soul Spear
Crystal Soul Spear 15 Homing Crystal Soul Spear
White Dragon Breath 15 Extended White Dragon Breath
Farron Flashsword 10 Bloodthirsty Farron Flashsword
Soul Greatsword 15 Heavy Soul Greatsword
Old Moonlight 15 Heavy Old Moonlight
Homing Soulmass 20 Surging Soulmass
Homing Crystal Soulmass 20 Weakening Crystal Soulmass
Scattering Soul Orb 10 Repeating Soul Orb
Scattering Crystal Orb 15 Repeating Crystal Orb
Farron Hail 10 Farron Swarm
Crystal Hail 15 Focused Crystal Hail
Orbs of Judgment 15 Swift Orbs of Judgment
Crystal Storm 15 Repeating Crystal Storm
Blizzard 15 Repeating Blizzard
Soul Stream 20 Quickened Soul Stream
Soul Geyser 20 Crystal Soul Geyser
Frigid Tumult 10 Frigid Roar
Hail of Blades 10 Lingering Hail of Blades
Piercing Ice 10 Explosive Ice
Rime 15 Chilling Rime
Path of Frost 10 Bloodthirsty Path of Frost
Discs of Dorthinus 15 Quickened Discs of Dorthinus
Pestilent Mist 15 Lingering Pestilent Mist
Snap Freeze 10 Lingering Snap Freeze
Shockwave 10 Refined Shockwave
Blinding Light 10 Refined Blinding Light
Twisted Wall of Light 10 Impenetrable Wall of Light
Aural Decoy 10 Refined Aural Decoy
Repair 10 Skilled Repair
Crystal Magic Weapon 15 Moonlight Weapon
Frozen Weapon 10 Supreme Frozen Weapon
Hidden Weapon 10 Refined Hidden Weapon
Great Magic Shield 15 Supreme Magic Shield
Unleash Magic 15 Lingering Unleash Magic
Spook 10 Mass Spook
Hidden Body 10 Mass Hidden Body
Chameleon 10 Refined Chameleon
Cast Light 10 Refined Cast Light
Teleport 15 Refined Teleport
Soul Eruption 10 Soul Explosion
Crystal Orb 15 Explosive Crystal Orb
Soul Instability 15 Lingering Soul Instability
Ice Burn 15 Bloodthirsty Ice Burn
Frigid Orbs 15 Lingering Frigid Orbs
Frozen Chaos 15 Quickened Frozen Chaos
Rupturing Frostfire 15 Great Rupturing Frostfire

Pyromancy Ascension

Helia of the Lake will ascend Pyromancies, while the player has the 'basic' version of the spell to ascend and a specific amount of Fire Seeds in the inventory. The total number of Fire Seeds needed to ascend each spell once totals to 485, the second lowest amount of the four schools of magic.

Basic Pyromancy Fire Seeds Required Ascended Pyromancy
Fireball 10 Brume Fireball
Fire Orb 10 Weakening Fire Orb
Great Chaos Fire Orb 15 Homing Chaos Fire Orb
Bursting Fireball 10 Brume Bursting Fireball
Profaned Flame 15 Distant Profaned Flame
Chaos Bed Vestiges 15 Chaos Vortex
Seething Chaos 20 Great Seething Chaos
Flame Fan 10 Bloodthirsty Flame Fan
Great Combustion 15 Brume Combustion
Fire Surge 10 Bloodthirsty Fire Surge
Fire Whip 15 Chaos Fire Whip
Sacred Flame 10 Bloodthirsty Sacred Flame
Firestorm 15 Outcry
Chaos Storm 15 Repeating Chaos Storm
Lingering Chaos 10 Bloodthirsty Lingering Chaos
Floating Chaos 15 Lingering Floating Chaos
Chaos Beam 15 Incinerating Chaos Beam
Cataclysm 20 Great Cataclysm
Boulder Heave 10 Swift Boulder Heave
Fecal Expulsion 15 Great Fecal Expulsion
Heave Earth 15 Homing Heave Earth
Earthquake 15 Quickened Earthquake
Earthfall 20 Summon Earthfall
Throw Dust 10 Bloodthirsty Dust
Acid Surge 10 Lingering Acid Surge
Poison Mist 15 Lingering Poison Mist
Toxic Mist 15 Lingering Toxic Mist
Immolation 10 Lingering Immolation
Rapport 15 Fortified Rapport
Warmth 15 Fond Warmth
Carthus Flame Arc 15 Chaos Flame Arc
Carthus Beacon 15 Lingering Carthus Beacon
Power Within 15 Lingering Power Within
Flash Sweat 10 Great Flash Sweat
Profuse Sweat 10 Refined Profuse Sweat
Iron Flesh 10 Lingering Iron Flesh
Rockflesh 10 Lingering Rockflesh
Magnetism 10 Refined Magnetism
Geyser 15 Great Geyser
Drizzle 10 Lingering Drizzle
Pulsating Mud 10 Bloodthirsty Pulsating Mud
Bubble Wall 10 Bubble Prison
Maelstrom 10 Lingering Maelstrom
Dance of Fire 10 Distant Dance of Fire

Miracle Ascension

Scribe Vadan will ascend Miracles, while the player has the 'basic' version of the spell to ascend and a specific amount of Holy Fragments in the inventory. The number of Holy Fragments required to ascend each Miracle once totals to 545, the second highest amount.

Basic Miracle Holy Fragments Required Ascended Miracle
Lightning Arrow 10 Bloodthirsty Lightning Arrow
Lightning Spear 10 Lightning Surge
Great Lightning Spear 15 Storm Spear
Sunlight Spear 15 Fulgurant Sunlight Spear
Wrathful Orbs 20 Weakening Wrathful Orbs
Wrathful Barrage 10 Wrathful Wave
Holy Schism 15 Quickened Holy Schism
Lightning Stake 15 Sunlight Stake
Lightning Storm 15 Sunlight Storm
Heavenly Thunder 20 Repeating Heavenly Thunder
Overwhelming Power 15 Lingering Overwhelming Power
Way of White Corona 10 Bloodthirsty Way of White Corona
Halo 15 Quickened Halo
Divine Arrow 10 Bloodthirsty Divine Arrow
Lothric's Holy Spear 15 Homing Lothric's Holy Spear
Force 10 Refined Force
Wrath of the Gods 20 Quickened Wrath of the Gods
Emit Force 15 Emit Wrath
Divine Pillars of Light 15 Repeating Pillars of Light
Angelic Barrage 20 Angelic Punishment
Proof of a Pact 15 Repeating Proof of a Pact
Ghostly Assault 15 Extended Ghostly Assault
Heal Aid 10 Extended Heal Aid
Heal 10 Extended Heal
Med Heal 10 Extended Med Heal
Great Heal 10 Extended Great Heal
Soothing Sunlight 10 Extended Soothing Sunlight
Projected Heal 10 Extended Projected Heal
Replenishment 15 Lingering Replenishment
Bountiful Light 15 Lingering Bountiful Light
Bountiful Sunlight 20 Lingering Bountiful Sunlight
Caressing Tears 10 Quickened Caressing Tears
Lightning Blade 10 Sunlight Blade
Blessed Weapon 10 Holy Weapon
Darkmoon Blade 10 Supreme Darkmoon Blade
Great Magic Barrier 15 Supreme Magic Barrier
Sacred Oath 10 Extended Sacred Oath
Heavenly Relief 15 Divine Relief
Perseverance 15 Lingering Perseverance
Tears of Denial 10 Mass Tears of Denial
Homeward 10 Refined Homeward
Gwynevere's Abnegation 10 Refined Gwynevere's Abnegation
Lightning Orb 10 Lingering Lightning Orb
Whirlwind 10 Lingering Whirlwind
Blast Wave 10 Distant Blast Wave
Squall 10 Bloodthirsty Squall
Slicing Wind 10 Swift Slicing Wind
Gale Force 10 Weakening Gale Force
Cyclone Blast 10 Explosive Cyclone Blast
Static Field 10 Lingering Static Field
Shredding Winds 10 Lingering Shredding Winds

Ascension of Dark Sorceries, Dark Pyromancies and Dark Miracles

Sinner Argith will ascend Dark Sorceries, Dark Pyromancies and Dark Miracles while the player has the 'basic' version of the spell to ascend and a specific amount of Abyssal Fragments in the inventory. The number of Abyssal Fragments needed to ascend every dark spell once totals to a staggering 740, the highest of the four schools of magic by almost 200 upgrade materials.

Basic Dark Spell Abyssal Fragments Required Ascended Dark Spell
Deep Barb 10 Bloodthirsty Deep Barb
Deep Soul 10 Deep Overflow
Great Deep Soul 15 Weakening Deep Soul
Great Soul Dregs 20 Quickened Great Soul Dregs
Surging Deep 10 Bloodthirsty Surging Deep
Climax 20 Explosive Climax
Writhing Deep 15 Great Writhing Deep
Dark Edge 10 Bloodthirsty Dark Edge
Abyssal Edge 15 Heavy Abyssal Edge
Affinity 20 Pursuers
Dark Bead 15 Great Dark Bead
Cascading Deep 10 Lingering Cascading Deep
Dreg Torrent 15 Repeating Dreg Torrent
Yearning Dregs 15 Repeating Yearning Dregs
Black Fireball 15 Black Fire Whip
Black Fire Orb 15 Weakening Black Fire Orb
Black Fire Scatter 10 Great Black Fire Scatter
Black Fire Vestiges 20 Scorching Black Fire Vestiges
Black Flame 15 Scorching Black Flame
Black Serpent 15 Quickened Black Serpent
Mournful Flames 20 Scorching Mournful Flames
Dark Dance 15 Forceful Dark Dance
Recollection 20 Scorching Recollection
Nibble 10 Bloodthirsty Nibble
Gnaw 15 Gnawing Swarm
Dorhys' Gnawing 15 Quickened Dorhys' Gnawing
Devouring Swarm 15 Repeating Swarm
Lifehunt Scythe 15 Great Lifehunt Scythe
Gravelord Sword Dance 10 Gravelord Sword
Vow of Agony 10 Curse of Agony
Dead Again 10 Refined Dead Again
Whisper of Despair 10 Echo of Despair
Repel 15 Lingering Repel
Vow of Silence 15 Curse of Silence
Black Flame Arc 10 Void Flame Arc
Dark Blade 10 Abyssal Blade
Pungent Blade 10 Noxious Blade
Pulsating Blade 10 Myiatic Blade
Numbness 20 Lingering Numbness
Atonement 10 Lingering Atonement
Deep Protection 20 Bottomless Deep Protection
Black Star 20 Homing Black Star
Blood Sacrifice 10 Bloodthirsty Sacrifice
Blood Resonance 10 Bloodthirsty Resonance
Blood Orb 10 Lingering Blood Orb
Blood Corruption 10 Great Blood Corruption
Blood Crystallization 10 Great Blood Crystallization
Lacerating Ring 10 Explosive Lacerating Ring


  • Ascending a spell will create a new copy of the spell with the ascended effect, which means the basic version won't be lost.
  • Conjurations cannot be ascended.

Information here is accurate for version 2.15.

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