Souls are gained through various activities, and are the main currency of Dark Souls III. The most common method of gaining Souls is to kill enemies.

Enemies will drop 20% extra Souls if they are killed in one hit.

The Soul Items you pick up around the world will change once you enter NG+, granting more Souls than the Soul Items in NG. They are unnaffected by Soul boosting equipment.

Soul Gain-Affecting Items / Effects

Item / Effect Soul Gain
Lucky weapon infusion +10%
Greed shield infusion +10%
Tarnished Coin +15%
Tarnished Silver Coin +30%
Scythe of Want +20%
Mendicant's Staff +20%
Shield of the Hunted +20%
Shield of Want +20%
Immortal Dragon Greatshield +20%
Aristocrat's Mask +10%
Courtier's Wig +10%
Crown of Illusions +10%
Fire Keeper Mask +10%
Helm of Favor +10%
Ludleth's Crown +10%
Mask of Sin +10%
Salvador's Hat +10%
Thief Mask +10%
Black Tearstone Ring +30%
Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +25/30/35/40%
Ring of Woe +20%
Company of Champions +10%
Rosaria's Fingers +10%
Curse of Enfeeblement +15%
Curse of Frailty +10%
Curse of Fortitude +15%
Curse of Gluttony +10%
Curse of Impermanence +10%
Curse of Obscurity +15%
Curse of Pride +15%
Curse of Simplicity +10%
Curse of Vitality +15%
Curse of Wrath +10%
Mark of Attraction +5%
Mark of the Dog +10%
Mark of the Crab +10%


  • Refer to New Game + for the Soul drop multipliers added to enemies.

Information here is accurate for version 1.84.

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