Souls are gained through various activities, and are the main currency of Dark Souls III. The most common method of gaining souls is to kill enemies.

Enemies will drop 20% extra souls if they are killed in one hit.

The Soul Items you pick up around the world will change once you enter NG+, granting more souls than the soul items in NG. They are unnaffected by Soul boosting equipment.

Soul gain in New Game + and higher

Playthrough Title Full Title Enemy Souls
1st (Journey 1) NG "New Game" Regular NG values
2nd (Journey 2) NG+ "New Game +" See table below
3rd (Journey 3) NG+2 "New Game ++" x2 more than NG+.
4th (Journey 4) NG+3 "New Game +++" x3 more than NG+.
5th (Journey 5) NG+4 "New Game ++++" 4 more than NG+.
6th (Journey 6) NG+5 "New Game +++++" x5 more than NG+.

Soul gain in New Game + per area

NG+ Location Enemy Souls
Cemetery of Ash x5 more than NG
High Wall of Lothric x5 more than NG
Undead Settlement x5 more than NG
Road of Sacrifices x5 more than NG
Cathedral of the Deep x4 more than NG
Farron Keep x4 more than NG
Catacombs of Carthus x4 more than NG
Smouldering Lake x3 more than NG
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley x3 more than NG
Irithyll Dungeon x3 more than NG
Anor Londo x3 more than NG
Lothric Castle x3 more than NG
Untended Graves x2 more than NG
Grand Archives x2 more than NG
Archdragon Peak x2 more than NG
Kiln of the First Flame x2 more than NG
Painted World of Ariandel x2 more than NG
Dreg Heap x2 more than NG
The Ringed City x2 more than NG

Soul Gain-Affecting Items / Effects

Item / Effect Soul Gain
Champion's Pact +100%
Greed shield infusion +10%
Tarnished Coin +15%
Tarnished Silver Coin +30%
Mendicant's Staff +20%
Shield of Want +20%
Immortal Dragon Greatshield +20%
Fire Keeper Mask +25%
Black Tearstone Ring +25%
Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +25%
Rosaria's Fingers +10%


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