Sorceries are one of the three available Spell types in Dark Souls III, the other ones being Miracles and Pyromancies.
Casting sorceries requires a staff, as well as sufficient Intelligence.

Most sorceries can be learned from the sorcery trainers Orbeck of Vinheim and Karla.

List of Sorceries

Spell Int. Fth. Slots FP Effect Type Effect Description Acquisition
Affinity Image
25 25 2 75 Offensive, Ranged, Homing

Summons five black, hovering orbs that will pursue the closest enemy, and explode on contact, dealing Dark damage.

Black Fire Orb
Black Fire Orb Image

Catacombs of Carthus - in the Smouldering Lake, in the very back corner of the area. Facing the ballista, to the left, by all the crabs.

Cascading Deep
Cascading Deep Image

Anor Londo - Near where you would drop down out of the stain glass window of the Anor Londo main castle. There is no broken glass anymore. Go into the castle near the Giant Blacksmith, then basically keep climbing stairs.

Crystal Hail
Crystal Hail Image

Cast cascade of small crystal soulmasses from sky

Farron Dart
Farron Dart Image
8 0 1 25 Offensive, Ranged

Fires a soul dart at the target, dealing Magic damage.

Farron Hail
Farron Hail Image
18 0 1 15 Offensive, Ranged

Fires a cascade of soul darts at the target, dealing Magic damage.

Great Deep Soul
Great Deep Soul Image
20 0 1 30 Offensive/Ranged

Fires powerful darkened soul dregs.

Anor Londo - In the Deacons of the Deep covenant room.

Great Farron Dart
Great Farron Dart Image
23 0 1 30 Offensive, Ranged

Fires a powerful soul dart at the target, dealing Magic damage.

Great Magic Shield
Great Magic Shield Image

Greatly reinforces left shield with magic.

Irithyll Dungeon - In the Irithyll Dungeon, go down the first set of stairs and head to the dead end to your left. It is in the closed cell and is a drop from the Corpse Grub.

Great Magic Weapon
Great Magic Weapon Image

Farron Keep - from the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire, head down the hallway away from the Abyss Watchers arena. It is past the Ravenous Crystal Lizard.

Great Soul Arrow
Great Soul Arrow Image
15 0 1 40 Offensive, Ranged

Fires a more powerful soul arrow, dealing Magic damage.

Homing Soulmass
Homing Soulmass Image
20 0 1 50 Offensive, Ranged

Summons five floating orbs above the player, which will automatically attack the closest enemy, dealing Magic damage when hitting.

Snap Freeze
Snap Freeze Image

Creates cloud of near freezing mist.

Firelink Shrine - Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt Transposition.

Soul Arrow
Soul Arrow Image
10 - 1 35 Offensive, Ranged

Fires a soul arrow towards the target, dealing Magic damage.

Soul Geyser
Soul Geyser Image
40 0 1 60 Offensive/Ranged

Fire soul spears that pierce and hit repeatedly.

Soul Stream
Soul Stream Image
Soul Wave
Soul Wave Image

Irithyll Dungeon - In the first area of Irithyll Dungeon, cross the first bridge, and it's in the path you have to take between knocked down cell walls to progress.

Whisper Of Despair
Whisper Of Despair Image

Cast projectile towards foe, lowering absorption.

Firelink Shrine - Soul of the Deacons of the Deep Transposition.

Writhing Deep
Writhing Deep Image
26 1 15

Hurl darkened soul sediment clump that writhes and explodes

Cathedral of the Deep - Near one of the golden levers which raise a drawbridge. This one is located in the corner across from the giant guarding the stairs to the Deacons boss fight.

Yearning Dregs
Yearning Dregs Image
20 0 1 5

Summon multiple dark soul sediment spots is vicinity.

Cathedral of the Deep - Behind the closed blue doors in the swampy area of the Cathedral of the Deep guarded by the giant.

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