Sorceries are one of the three available Spell types in Dark Souls III, the other ones being Miracles and Pyromancies.
Casting sorceries requires a staff, as well as sufficient Intelligence.

Most sorceries can be learned from the sorcery trainers Orbeck of Vinheim and Karla.

List of Sorceries

Spell Int. Fth. Slots FP Effect Type Effect Description Acquisition
Aural Decoy
Aural Decoy Image
18 0 1 30 Ranged/Utility

Distract foes with a distant sound, making them ignore the player.

Blinding Light
Blinding Light Image
20 0 1 20 AOE/Utility

Creates a flash of golden light, knocking nearby enemies that can be knocked down.

Blizzard Image
30 0 1 6 Offensive/Debuff/AOE

Summon multiple spots of frost in vicinity, dealing 100 Frost and 200 Magic damage upon impact.

Cast Light
Cast Light Image
10 0 1 50 Buff/Self/Utility

Cast light to illuminate surroundings, following you for 60 seconds.

Chameleon Image
20 0 1 100 Buff/Self/Utility

Transform into something inconspicuous, becoming one of the objects found in the current level.

Crystal Hail
Crystal Hail Image
20 0 1 75 Offensive/Ranged/Homing/AOE

Cast cascade of small crystal soulmasses from sky, dealing 75 Magic damage upon impact.

Crystal Magic Weapon
Crystal Magic Weapon Image
40 0 1 100 Self/Buff

Reinforces right weapon with crystal, adding 120 Magic damage to it for 30 seconds.

Crystal Soul Spear
Crystal Soul Spear Image
40 0 1 50 Offensive/Ranged

Fires a piercing crystal soul spear, dealing 420 Magic damage.

Crystal Storm
Crystal Storm Image
50 0 1 8 Offensive/AOE

Summon forth a storm of crystals, dealing 250 Magic damage upon explosion.

Farron Dart
Farron Dart Image
0 0 1 10 Offensive/Ranged

Fires a soul dart at the target, dealing 100 Magic damage.

Farron Flashsword
Farron Flashsword Image
10 0 1 10 Offensive

Attack with a sword formed from souls, dealing 125 Magic damage upon impact.

Farron Hail
Farron Hail Image
15 0 1 15 Offensive/Ranged/AOE

Fires a cascade of soul darts at the target, dealing 50 Magic damage each.

Frozen Weapon
Frozen Weapon Image
20 0 1 50 Self/Buff/Utility

Imbues right-hand weapon with frost, adding 50 Frost to it for 60 seconds.

Great Farron Dart
Great Farron Dart Image
10 0 1 20 Offensive/Ranged

Fires a powerful soul dart at the target, dealing 150 Magic damage.

Great Magic Shield
Great Magic Shield Image
30 0 1 100 Self/Buff/Utility

Greatly reinforces left shield with magic, adding 100% absorption and 20% stability to main shield for 30 seconds.

  • Irithyll Dungeon - In the Irithyll Dungeon, go down the first set of stairs and head to the dead end to your left. It is in the closed cell and is a drop from the Infested Corpse.
Great Magic Weapon
Great Magic Weapon Image
30 0 1 75 Self/Buff

Greatly reinforce right weapon with magic, adding 90 Magic damage to it for 60 seconds.

Great Soul Arrow
Great Soul Arrow Image
20 0 1 30 Offensive/Ranged

Fires a more powerful soul arrow, dealing 260 Magic damage.

Hidden Body
Hidden Body Image
20 0 1 100 Self/Buff/Utility

Turns body nearly invisible, hiding the player for 10 seconds, reducing enemy sight by 100%.

Hidden Weapon
Hidden Weapon Image
10 0 1 50 Self/Buff/Utility

Turns right weapon invisible, hiding it for 5 minutes.

Homing Crystal Soulmass
Homing Crystal Soulmass Image
40 0 1 75 Offensive/Ranged

Summon homing crystal soulmasses that follow the player. Each soulmass deals 75 Magic damage upon impact.

Homing Soulmass
Homing Soulmass Image
20 0 1 50 Offensive/Ranged

Summons five floating orbs above the player, which will automatically attack the closest enemy, dealing 50 Magic damage each when hitting.

Magic Shield
Magic Shield Image
20 0 1 50 Self/Buff/Utility

Reinforces left shield with magic, adding 30% absorption (70% against Magic damage) and 10% stability to main shield for 60 seconds.

Magic Weapon
Magic Weapon Image
20 0 1 50 Buff/Self

Reinforces right weapon with magic, adding 60 Magic damage to it for 90 seconds.

Old Moonlight
Old Moonlight Image
40 0 1 50 Offensive/Ranged

Conceive old moonlight sword and attack.

The sword itself deals 200 Magic damage, with the uncharged projectile dealing 380 Magic damage, rising to 460 when held and charged.

Orbs of Judgment
Orbs of Judgment Image
30 0 1 50 Offensive/Ranged/Homing

Fire multiple orbs of judgment that seek foe and deal 80 Magic damage each.

Pestilent Mist
Pestilent Mist Image
25 0 1 50 Offensive/Ranged/Utility

Inflicts 10 Curse build up per tick, for a total of 480 Curse build up over its whole duration.

Repair Image
20 0 1 100 Buff/Self/Utility

Restores 50 Durability to currently equipped weapons and armor.

Shockwave Image
10 0 1 20 Utility/Ranged

Fires forth a shockwave that knocks down any foe not resistant to knockdowns.

Snap Freeze
Snap Freeze Image
20 0 1 50 Debuff/Ranged/AoE

Summons patch that deals 25 Frost every 0.07 seconds for 5 seconds.

Soul Arrow
Soul Arrow Image
15 0 1 25 Offensive/Ranged

Fires a soul arrow towards the target, dealing 110 Magic damage.

Soul Focus
Soul Focus Image
30 0 1 0 Self/Utility

Exchange HP for FP every 0.25 seconds whilst held, removing 1% HP for 1% FP added.

Soul Geyser
Soul Geyser Image
50 0 1 75 Offensive/Ranged/Homing

Fire 4 soul spears that pierce for 75 Magic damage, splitting into 4 smaller soul spears that pierce for 75 Magic damage.

Soul Greatsword
Soul Greatsword Image
25 0 1 30 Offensive

Attack with a greatsword formed from souls, dealing 350 Magic damage.

  • Sold by Yoel of Londor for 6,000 Souls after drawing out true strength for the first time.
Soul Spear
Soul Spear Image
30 0 1 40 Offensive/Ranged

Fires a soul spear, dealing 360 Magic damage.

Soul Stream
Soul Stream Image
40 0 1 40 Offensive/Ranged

Fire torrential volley of souls, dealing 160 Magic damage every second whilst active, then knocks down the target.

  • Grand Archives - Located past the Boreal Outrider Knight, which is hiding behind an illusory wall, in the Grand Archives. A corpse is seated in a chair overlooking the archives holding this item.
Soul Wave
Soul Wave Image
20 0 1 35 Offensive/Ranged

Fire soul wave that pierces enemies, dealing 300 Magic damage.

  • Irithyll Dungeon - In the first area of Irithyll Dungeon, cross the first bridge, and it's in the path you have to take between knocked down cell walls to progress.
Spook Image
18 0 1 50 Buff/Self/Utility

Mask noise of caster and prevent Fall Damage, reducing enemy listen by 100% for 20 seconds.

Twisted Wall of Light
Twisted Wall of Light Image
15 0 1 20 Buff/Self/Utility

Distort light in order to Deflect spells, lasting 5 seconds.

Unleash Magic
Unleash Magic Image
40 0 1 100 Buff/Debuff/Self

Increases potency of Magic and Dark damage by 20% for 30 seconds but recudes absorption by 100% whilst active.

White Dragon Breath
White Dragon Breath Image
40 0 1 40 Offensive/Ranged

Emits crystal breath of Seath the Scaleless, dealing 300 Magic damage and 25 Curse build up.

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