Each ring bestows the user an unique effect. The strength of these effects depends on the strength of the ring. In New Game Plus and beyond, +1, +2, +3, +4 and +5 rings can be found.

Ring Effect Acquisition
Abyss Ring

Greatly boosts the potency of dark sorceries, pyromancies and miracles

Soul Transposition: Soul of Midir + 10.000 souls

Acolyte Ring

Grants 5 FP every 5 seconds but reduces physical absorption by 10%

May no longer be obtainable in current version.

Aldrich's Ruby

Anor Londo - Right next to the wheel which opens the doors to Anor Londo, a Deep Accursed will drop from the ceiling. Kill it for this ring.

Aldrich's Sapphire

Recovers FP from critical attacks.

Cathedral of the Deep - In the room with the Deep Accursed, in the Cathedral of the Deep, after you pass through the mini-chapel. You must kill the Deep Accursed.

Arcane Trinket

Allows attunement of additional spells.

On the ledge overlooking the small area of bookshelves filled with cursed books. Entered through the broken stained glass, or up the knock-down ladder shortcut. This area is next to the courtyard with the 3 NPCs

Ashen Estus Ring

Increases FP restored by Estus Flask.

Band of Darkness

Increases dark attack.

Band of Flame

Increases fire attack.

Band of Magic

Increases magic attack.

Next to a bookshelf near the large wooden bridge in the Grand Archives.

Band of Sparks

Increases lightning attack.

Band of Stone

Increases physical attack.

Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring

Boosts power of sorceries.

Blight Ring

Boosts damage against hollows.

Kill the butcher knife wielding NPC near the Brigand set items on the Road of Sacrifices.

Bloodbite Ring

Increase bleed resistance +100

Retrieved by killing the large rat in the long hallway of the sewer shortcut in the undead settlement.

Blue Tearstone Ring

Increases damage absorption when HP is low.

Bulwark Ring

Slows equipment degradation.

Undead Settlement - In the area with the Flame Demon, as you climb the building with the Cathedral Evangelists, you'll find it in an alcove with Cage Spiders that drop from the ceiling.

Carthus Bloodring

Increases stamina recovery and obscures rolling.

Carthus Catacombs - by the 2nd large mass of rolling skeletons, at the end of the hallway with all the slimes, where the ball U-turns.

Carthus Milkring

Boosts rolling invincibility, at the cost of defense.

Catacombs of Carthus - Past where you find the first rolling skeleton ball, there is an area with many urns, some filled with dark humanity. The ring is there.

Celestial Ring

Greatly increases FP recovery.

Charred Bone

Greatly boosts the potency of pyromancies but increases spell FP cost.

Smouldering Lake - between 2 illusory walls in the old demon ruins, in the area with the large rat and several normal rats.

Chillbite Ring

Increases frost resistance.

Chloranthy Ring

Raises stamina recovery speed.

Undead Settlement - From where you help Siegward fight the fire demon in the Undead Settlement, follow the path up past the 2 evangelists to the tower you must descend which exits you at the entrance of the church. The ring is at the base of that.

Covetous Gold Serpent Ring

Increases Item Discovery +100

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

Increases souls gained from enemies by 25%.

High Wall of Lothric - Dropped by a Mimic found in the tower beneath the hostile wyvern.

Crypt Ring

Boosts damage against undead.

Catacombs of Carthus - on a ledge overlooking the fragile rope bridge in front of High Lord Wolnir

Cursebite Ring

Increases curse resistance.

Dark Clutch Ring

Increases dark attack but compromises damage absorption.

Irithyll Dungeon - In a Mimic chest at a dead-end in a sewer after the giant in Irithyll Dungeon, on your way to Archdragon Peak.

Dark Stoneplate Ring

Increases dark damage absorption.

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley - At the end of the dead-end hallway under the area with the deacon fire mages, next to the courtyard with several resting giants, after Pontiff Sulyvahn.

Darkmoon Ring

Increases FP recovery.

Deep Ring

Boosts potency of dark sorceries, pyromancies, and miracles.

Firelink Shrine - Soul of the Deacons of the Deep Transposition.

Demonsbane Ring

Boosts damage against demons.

Desiccated Finger

Removes weapon stamina consumption while at very low health.

Dragonscale Ring

Raises maximum FP +6

Dusk Crown Ring

Greatly boosts the potency of sorceries, increases spell FP consumption.

Irithyll Dungeon - In a closed jail cell in Irithyll Dungeon in the area past the giant that leads to either Profaned Chapel or Archdragon Peak.

Elder Dragoncrest Ring

Greatly boosts the potency of sorceries.

Endless Quiver

Foes randomly drop arrows when killed.

High Wall of Lothric - An NPC appears on the path to the Dragonslayer Greatbow acquired near the start of the area.

Estus Ring

Increases HP restored by Estus Flask.

In the rafters of Firelink Shrine, accessible from the roof.

Farron Ring

Reduces Skill FP consumption.

Fire Clutch Ring

Increases fire attack but compromises damage absorption.

Undead Settlement - On the ground near the walkway which has 3 hollows throwing firebombs, there's a sort of torture rack device near a cliff overlooking where Knight Hodrick spawns as a mound maker. There's a wooden plank bridge which ends with a sitting, living hollow sheltering this item.

Flame Stoneplate Ring

Increases fire damage absorption.

Undead Settlement - Right next to where you find Loretta's bone, directly in front of the large burning tree.

Fleshbite Ring

Raises poison, bleed, frost, and curse resist.

Grand Archives - Next to the Iron Cage head-piece item. In a set of small rows of bookcases. Next to a drop-down ladder shortcut that leads to the courtyard with the 3 NPCs.

Flynn's Ring

Lowering equip load increases attack power.

Undead Settlement - From the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire, head towards the cathedral. In the area where the giant fires arrows, it is on the piece of land you have to jump to to your right.

Forgotten Pendant

Raises maximum Stamina and maximum Equip Load.

Anor Londo - Next to the silver knight archer in the main atrium for the Anor Londo castle.

Great Swamp Ring

Reduces the cost of Pyromancy.

Road of Sacrifices - One of the large crabs on the Road of Sacrifices will drop it when killed.

Greatwood Remnants

Boosts absorption.

Soul Transposition of the Curse-Rotted Greatwood.

Green Tearstone Ring

Temporarily boosts stamina recovery when HP is low.

Hallowed Ring

Boosts damage against abyssal creatures.

Havel's Ring

Increases maximum Equip Load

Hawk Ring

Extends the range of bows

Heretic Ring

ATN +5

Farron Keep - From the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire, head away from the Abyss Watchers fight and drop off the small ledge to your right. On a body.

Horsehoof Ring
Hunter's Ring

DEX +8

Farron Keep - Once you light all 3 fires to enter the area leading to the Abyss Watchers, you'll find several Corvian hollows lurking. On the ramp leading up to the Corvian Storyteller, you'll find this ring at the top.

Iron Grain Ring

Greatly boosts physical attack.

Jester Ring

Luck +8

Undead Settlement - On a small wooden walkway overlooking the Dilapidated Bridge bonfire in the Undead Settlement.

Knight Slayer's Ring

Enemies lose more stamina when they block attacks.

Knight's Ring

Strength +8

Farron Keep - from the Old Wolf bonfire, head to the bridge. The ring is on a dead-end ledge, near the head of the large, dead dragon.

Leo Ring

Strengthens thrust weapon counter attacks.

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley - In a chest next to Smough's Greathammer and Ciaran's Tracers.

Life Ring

Increases maximum HP by 15%.

Firelink Shrine - Purchase from the Shrine Handmaid.

Lightning Clutch Ring

Increases lightning attack but compromises damage absorption.

Lingering Dragoncrest Ring

Extends length of spell effects.

Farron Keep - Kill the large crab by the white tree in Farron Swamp.

Lloyd's Shield Ring

Boosts damage absorption when HP is full.

Firelink Shrine - purchase from the shrine handmaiden.

Lloyd's Sword Ring

Boosts attack power when HP is full.

Cathedral of the Deep - In the same chapel space as the main bonfire.

Londor Tincture

Boosts physical and elemental defense.

Undead Settlement - Past the Outrider Knight, next to Yoel, under a corpse (look for white glow underneath)

Magic Clutch Ring

Increases magic attack but compromises damage absorption.

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley - behind an illusory wall next to the Church of Yorshka bonfire.

Magic Stoneplate Ring

Increases dark damage absorption.

Mercenary Ring

Vigor +8

High Wall of Lothric - Near the Pus of Man and Dragonslayer Greatbow on the High Wall of Lothric. In a small alcove.

Merchant Ring

Endurance +8

Behind some barrels in the area of the High Wall, which has a patio overlooking the courtyard, where you find the Estus Shard. Past the spear wielding knight, guarded by several larger Hollows and a dog.

Morne's Ring

Reduces the cost of miracles.

Road of Sacrifices - In the same cave as the Braille Divine Tome of Carim, in the area just past the Undead Settlement. It is situated under a bridge.

Obscuring Ring

Hides the presence of the wearer when far away.

Old Pygmy Brooch

Creates explosion from user whilst at low health.

Undead Settlement - in the Estus Soup room, near the beginning of the area, with the Warriors of Sunlight covenant item.

Physician Ring

Vitality +8

Undead Settlement - Once you pass through the gate the hollow opens to release the dogs, it is behind the evangelist, on a corpse overlooking the cliff.

Poisonbite Ring

Poison resistance +100

Pontiff's Left Eye

Recovers FP with successive attacks.

Boreal Valley Vordt Soul Transposition.

Pontiff's Right Eye

Boosts attacks, as long as attacking persists.

High Wall of Lothric - Kill the Outrider Knight on the High Wall near where the 2nd bonfire used to be, past the dragon.

Priestess Ring

Faith +8

Cathedral of the Deep - When you enter the Cathedral of the Deep through the side entrance, and run around the U-shaped path the giant attacks you on, you can see an area with an archer right before you turn to exit that track. The ring is up on that platform. Climb the ladder out of the 'chapel' room with the thrall and mace cleric knight to reach it.

Prisoner's Chain

Increases VGR, END, and VIT, but take more damage.

Champion Gundyr Soul Transposition.

Red Tearstone Ring

Boosts attack when HP is low.

Lothric Castle - Outside the lift by the Altar of Sunlight.

Redeye Ring

Increase aggression of foes.

High Wall of Lothric - On an overhang accessible by jumping next to where the Pursuer can be found on the High Wall, in the Winged Knight courtyard.

Reversal Ring

Males perform female actions and vice-versa.

Ring of Adversity

Boosts FP recovery, but gradually lose HP.

Ring of Alacrity

Greatly shortens spell casting time.

Ring of Calamity
Ring of Catastrophe

Boosts potency of spells, but gradually lose HP.

Ring of Clarity
Ring of Constitution
Ring Of Disparity

Greatly boosts the potency of pyromancies.

Ring Of Favor

Increases HP, FP, Stamina, and maximum Equipment Load (percentage).

In the Deacons of the Deep room, after killing both Sulyvahn's Beast

Ring of Fortitude
Ring of Londor
Ring of Reprisal

Applies magic damage to enemies hit whilst rolling.

Past the dark room filled with invisible hollows you reach through the Church of Yorshka, you'll find it next to a tree right before the water area.

Ring of Retaliation

Applies physical damage to enemies hit whilst rolling.

Farron swamp, between the sunken dome and the darkwraith.

Ring of Retribution

Applies lightning damage to enemies hit whilst rolling.

Ring of Sacrifice

Lose nothing upon death, the ring breaks.


Ring of Spite

Applies fire damage to enemies hit while rolling.

Ring of Steel Protection

Increases physical damage absorption.

Archdragon Peak - After beating the dragon, facing the bell that was behind where it spawned, head down the ramp to your right. There's a small ledge around the side of the stairs, and this is tucked into it.

Ring of the Evil Eye

Absorb HP from defeated foes.

Ring of the Exalted
Ring of the Sun

Greatly boosts potency of miracles.

Soul Transposition - Soul of the Nameless King

Ring of the Sun's First Born

Boosts potency of miracles.

Ring of Vengeance

Applies dark damage to enemies hit whilst rolling

Cathedral of the Deep - as you enter the first blue doors, and make a left turn, it's at the end of the hallway under the statue past the ooze.

Ring of Wisdom

Grants additional FP recovery and increases maximum FP.

Ring of Woe
Runic Seal

Prevents staggering but slows movement severely.

Sage Ring

Shortens spell casting time.

Road of Sacrifice - In the swamp in the Road of Sacrifice, in the area under the broken castle where you find a lycanthrope.

Sage's Emblem

Grants additional FP recovery, but reduces physical absorption.

Firelink Shrine - Soul of a Crystal Sage Transposition.

Saint's Ring
Scholar Ring

Intelligence +8

Road of Sacrifices - In the Crystal Sage arena, on that dead-end overlook by where it spawns.

Silvercat Ring

Prevents damage from falling.

Skull Ring

Greatly boosts physical attack but increases weapon stamina consumption and attracts enemies.

Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring

Masks the sound of its wearer.

Speckled Stoneplate Ring

Slightly increases magic, lightning, fire, and dark damage absorption.

Spirit Amethyst

Fallen enemies grant additional FP on death.

Sun Princess Ring

Gradually restores HP

Symbol of the Penitent

Raises maximum stamina +16

Farron Keep - Near the white tree in the Farron Swamp.

Thunder Stoneplate Ring

Increases lightning damage absorption.

Tome of Sunlight

Greatly boosts potency of miracles, increases spell FP cost.

Unholy Remains

Greatly boosts the potency of dark sorceries, pyromancies, and miracles but increases spell FP cost.

Untrue Dark Ring

Retain human appearance while Hollow.

Firelink Shrine - Purchase from Yuria

Untrue White Ring

Take the appearance of a phantom

Firelink Shrine - Purchase from Yuria

Vanquisher Ring

Greatly reduces weapon stamina consumption.

Firelink Shrine - Soul Transposition of Soul of Slave Knight Gael

Violet Tearstone Ring

Boosts FP recovery when HP is low.

Witch's Ring

Boosts potency of pyromancies.

Wolf Ring

Reduces weapon stamina and FP consumption.

Wood Grain Ring

Increases physical attack.

Wretched Pendant

Reduces weapon stamina consumption.

Yellow Tearstone Ring

Reduce weapon stamina consumption when HP is low.

Young Dragon Ring

Reduces the cost of sorceries

*Starting gift for Sorcerer class
*Gift from Orbeck of Vinheim after purchasing any 3 Sorceries, giving him any Scroll and playing as any Class but a Sorcerer

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