In Cinders the player can start a relationship with some of the characters from the game.

To do this the player first has to obtain the Ring of Betrothal, and then talk with the choosen candidate.

Once proposed, a flirt option will unlock with that character. This option has three outcomes and is randomized upon resting at a bonfire. Getting a "good" outcome will reward the player with a unique gift, specific to that character.

Betrothal Candidates

Candidate Gift Type of Gift
Archdeacon McDonnell Abyssal Fragment Repeatable
Astrologer Lillian Climax One-time
Blacksmith Andre Blunt Gem or Lethal Gem or Sharp Gem Repeatable
Company Captain Yorshka Hidden Blessing Repeatable
Conjurator Ellie Ritual Incense Repeatable
Cornyx of the Great Swamp Fire Seed Repeatable
Crestfallen Merchant Blunt Gem Repeatable
Domhnall of Zena Awestone Repeatable
Erstwhile George Awestone Repeatable
Fire Keeper Divine Blessing Repeatable
Greirat of the Undead Settlement Rusted Gold Coin or Cursed Tarnished Coin Repeatable
Irina of Carim Holy Fragment Repeatable
Karla Yearning Dregs One-time
Ludleth of Courland Exotic Souls Repeatable
Magnum Ursus Bear Set One-time
Marvelous Chester Lucky Gem Repeatable
Occultist Grudore Moonflower Repeatable
Orbeck of Vinheim Crystal Fragment Repeatable
Remy the Rat Dried Root Repeatable
Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth Brightbug Repeatable
Shrine Handmaid Ember Repeatable
Solaire of Astora Estus Shard One-time
Unbreakable Patches Undead Bone Shard One-time
Yoel of Londor Dark Sigil Repeatable
Yuria of Londor Repel One-time

Spurned Shade will appear in Firelink Shrine after defeating Champion Gundyr. She will give the option to reclaim the Ring of Betrothal after defeating her in a duel.


  • Repeatable gifts require to rest at a bonfire to receive them again.
  • Starting the next playthrough after defeating Soul of Cinder or using the NG+ Giant Tree will reset the relationship status.
  • The Fire Keeper is the only character with a special event from her 'Seduce' menu option after proposing to her.
  • Proposing to Yoel of Londor enables an alternative questline for the Lord of Hollows ending (check his page for more information about it).
  • It is possible to divorce a married character by talking to them and selecting the 'Divorce' option, but this will not return the Ring of Betrothal to the player.

Information here is accurate for version 2.15.

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