Progression Items

Estus upgrade

These items can be used to upgrade the effects of the Estus Flask and Ashen Estus Flask.

Icon Name Availability Usage
estus-shard-dish.jpg Estus Shard
undead-bone-shard-dish.jpg Undead Bone Shard

List of reinforcement materials

Materials used to reinforce Weapons and Shields.

Icon Name Availability Usage
MENU_Knowledge_00072.png Dragon Scale
MENU_Knowledge_07049.png Fire Seed
large-titanite-shard-dish.jpg Large Titanite Shard
titanite-chunk-dish.jpg Titanite Chunk
titanite-scale-dish.jpg Titanite Scale
titanite-shard-dish.jpg Titanite Shard
twinkling-titanite-dish.jpg Twinkling Titanite
titanite-slab-dish.jpg Titanite Slab
prim-tit.png Primordial Titanite

List of infusion materials

Materials used to infuse Weapons and Shields.

Icon Name Availability Usage
blood-gem-dish.jpg Blood Gem
curse-gem.jpg Curse Gem
heavy-gem-dish.jpg Blunt Gem
simple-gem-dish.jpg Enchanted Gem
dark-gem-dish.jpg Dark Gem
chaos-gem-dish.jpg Fire Gem
medium.jpg Frost Gem
blessed-gem-dish.jpg Holy Gem
refined-gem-dish.jpg Lethal Gem
lightning-gem-dish.jpg Lightning Gem
lucky-gem.jpg Lucky Gem
crystal-gem-dish.jpg Magic Gem
poison-gem-dish.jpg Poison Gem
sharp-gem-dish.jpg Sharp Gem
shriving-stone-dish.jpg Shriving Stone
infusing-essence.jpg Infusing Essence
degrading-essence.jpg Degrading Essence

List of Umbral Ashes

Umbral Ashes can be given to the Shrine Handmaid in Firelink Shrine to expand her and Andre's inventory of items.

Icon Name Availability Usage
captain-s-ashes-dish.jpg Captain's Ashes Found in the Painted World of Ariandel, at the top of a tower guarded by Millwood Knights.
cornyx-s-ashes-dish.jpg Cornyx's Ashes Dropped by Cornyx of the Great Swamp.
dragon-chaser-s-ashes-dish.jpg Dragon Chaser's Ashes Found in Archdragon Peak, at the gauntlet area.
dreamchaser-s-ashes-dish.jpg Dreamchaser's Ashes Found in Farron Keep, behind an illusory wall near Old Wolf of Farron bonfire.
easterner-s-ashes-dish.jpg Easterner's Ashes Found in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, on a ledge below Anor Londo.
excrement-covered-ashes-dish.jpg Excrement-covered Ashes Found in the sewer entrance to Irithyll Dungeon.
grave-warden-s-ashes-dish.jpg Grave Warden's Ashes Found in the Catacombs of Carthus, on a broken walkway near the Catacombs of Carthus bonfire.
greirat-s-ashes-dish.jpg Greirat's Ashes Dropped by Greirat of the Undead Settlement. Found in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley in the sewer near the Distant Manor bonfire, if Greirat died on his second scavenging trip. Found on a roof outside the Grand Archives after Greirat departs for his third expedition.
hollow-s-ashes-dish.jpg Hollow's Ashes Found in the Untended Graves, at Yoel of Londor's spot in the dark Firelink Shrine, if Yoel died of "natural causes".
irina-s-ashes-dish.jpg Irina's Ashes Dropped by Irina of Carim.
karla-s-ashes-dish.jpg Karla's Ashes Dropped by Karla.
mortician-s-ashes-dish.jpg Mortician's Ashes Found in the Undead Settlement, in the graveyard near the White Birch.
old-woman-s-ashes-dish.jpg Old Woman's Ashes Dropped by the Stone-humped Hag.
orbeck-s-ashes-dish.jpg Orbeck's Ashes Dropped by Orbeck of Vinheim.
paladin-s-ashes-dish.jpg Paladin's Ashes Found near the Cathedral of the Deep bonfire, guarded by the Fallen Knight.
patches-ashes-dish.jpg Patches' Ashes Dropped by Unbreakable Patches.
prisoner-chief-s-ashes-dish.jpg Prisoner Chief's Ashes Found in the Irithyll Dungeon, in a cell unlocked by the Jailer's Key Ring on the upper level shortly after the Irithyll Dungeon bonfire.
xanthous-ashes-dish.jpg Xanthous Ashes Found in the Irithyll Dungeon, in a cell on the rat infested area.
yuria-s-ashes-dish.jpg Yuria's Ashes Dropped by Yuria of Londor.

List of Sorcery Scrolls

Sorcery Scrolls can be given to Orbeck of Vinheim in Firelink Shrine to expand his inventory of spells and progress his questline.

Icon Name Availability Usage
crystal-scroll-dish.jpg Crystal Scroll
golden-scroll-dish.jpg Golden Scroll
logan-s-scroll-dish.jpg Logan's Scroll
sage-s-scroll-dish.jpg Sage's Scroll

List of Pyromancy Tomes

Pyromancy Tomes can be given to Cornyx of the Great Swamp in Firelink Shrine to expand his inventory of spells.

Icon Name Availability Usage
carthus-pyromancy-tome-dish.jpg Carthus Pyromancy Tome
grave-warden-pyromancy-tome-dish.jpg Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome
great-swamp-pyromancy-tome-dish.jpg Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome
izalith-pyromancy-tome-dish.jpg Izalith Pyromancy Tome
quelana-pyromancy-tome-dish.jpg Quelana Pyromancy Tome

List of Braille Divine Tomes

Divine Tomes can be given to Irina of Carim and Karla in Firelink Shrine to expand their inventory of spells.

Icon Name Availability Usage
braille-divine-tome-of-carim-dish.jpg Braille Divine Tome of Carim Found on the Road of Sacrifices below the bridge to the Halfway Fortress bonfire.
braille-divine-tome-of-lothric-dish.jpg Braille Divine Tome of Lothric Found in High Wall of Lothric.
deep-braille-divine-tome-dish.jpg Deep Braille Divine Tome Dropped from a Mimic inside the Cathedral of the Deep.
londor-braille-divine-tome-dish.jpg Londor Braille Divine Tome Can be bought from Yuria of Londor for 50 Souls.
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