Perfect Block

Perfect Block is a Cinders mechanic in which the character will not consume any stamina when blocking if the enemy attack hits during a certain part of the block animation, similar to how a parry works.

This can be done with most Weapons, Shields and Spell Tools.

The active perfect block frames start right at the moment the equipment piece reaches its rest position, the amount of time it takes for this depends on the block animation of each equipment piece.

Active perfect block last for 4 frames regardless of the block animation, as there is no punishment for a failed block (blocking too early or too late will result in a normal block with no penalties).

Perfect block does not increase the absorption of the equipment piece. A weapon that has 50% physical absorption reduction will still reduce 50% of the physical damage received during a perfect block.


These weapons do not use the perfect block mechanic:

Information here is accurate for version 2.15.

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