Greirat of the Undead Settlement
hp.png Base HP souls.png Base Souls
Physical weaknesses
physical-def.png Standard
strike-def.png Strike
slash-def.png Slash
thrust-def.png Thrust
Elemental weaknesses
magic-def.png Magic
fire-def.png Fire
lightning-def.png Lightning
dark-def.png Dark
bleed.png Bleed Unknown
poison.png Poison Unknown
frost.png Frost Unknown



High Wall of Lothric - Locked in a cell in in the tower were the Boreal Outrider Knight stands guard on the roof, and Hollow Assassins roam in the middle. On the lower most floor, there is a single Halberd Undead, guarding a room full of explosive barrels.

General Information

A thief from the High Wall of Lothric, who will scavenge for you and update his stock… should you see to his safety.

Item Drops



Voiced by: Unknown

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