Captain Morrel
hp.png Base HP souls.png Base Souls
Physical weaknesses
physical-def.png Standard
strike-def.png Strike
slash-def.png Slash
thrust-def.png Thrust
Elemental weaknesses
magic-def.png Magic
fire-def.png Fire
lightning-def.png Lightning
dark-def.png Dark
bleed.png Bleed Susceptible
poison.png Poison Susceptible
frost.png Frost Susceptible
curse.png Curse



High Wall of Lothric - Near Vordt of the Boreal Valley boss arena, next to the two spearmen ( On Covenant's Pact, there will be two Winged Knights, be cautious not to aggro them all at the same time.), Captain Morrel will be to the right as you are heading towards the boss arena.

General Information

Item Drops



Voiced by: Unknown

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