No Hit Challenge

The no hit challenge consists in defeating any Boss taking no damage. This gives an extra reward to the player besides the Boss usual drops.

Boss Reward
Vordt of the Boreal Valley 1 Primordial Shard
Curse-rotted Greatwood 1 Primordial Shard
Crystal Sage 1 Large Primordial Shard
Deacons of the Deep 1 Large Primordial Shard
Corrupted Gundyr 1 Large Primordial Shard
Abyss Watchers 1 Primordial Fragment
High Lord Wolnir 1 Primordial Shard
Old Demon King 1 Large Primordial Shard
Pontiff Sulyvahn 1 Primordial Fragment
Aldrich, Devourer of Gods 1 Primordial Chunk
Yhorm the Giant 1 Primordial Chunk
Dancer of the Boreal Valley 1 Primordial Fragment
Oceiros, the Consumed King 1 Primordial Fragment
Dragonslayer Armour 1 Primordial Fragment
Ancient Wyvern 1 Primordial Shard
The Nameless King 1 Primordial Chunk
Champion Gundyr 1 Primordial Fragment
The Twin Princes 1 Primordial Chunk
Soul of Cinder 1 Primordial Slab
Sister Friede 1 Primordial Slab
The Lordran Remnants 1 Primordial Chunk
The Demon Prince 1 Primordial Chunk
Darkeater Midir 1 Primordial Slab
Slave Knight Gael 1 Primordial Slab
Halflight, Spear of the Church 1 Primordial Chunk


  • Using shields to block attacks invalidates the attempt, even if they completely negated the damage received.
  • Build up from Status Effects from attacks like Vordt's forst aura or Soul of Cinder's poison cloud will invalidate the attempt.
  • Death or character save file reload will reset a failed attempt.
  • Memories can be used to reset the challenge whether the previous attempt was a success or not.

Information here is accurate for version 1.73.

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