No Death: Lord of Hollows ending guide

Credits to User:Harmonixer

Siegward/Hawkwood/Irina/Eygon quests are not mentioned because they are unaffected.


*Proceed normally through Cemetery of Ash, High Wall of Lothric, Undead Settlement, Road of Sacrifices, Cathedral of the Deep and Farron Keep.

*Kill the Abyss Watchers, but DO NOT open the path to Catacombs of Carthus and go inside, this will kill Yoel.

*Go back to the Farron Keep Perimeter Bonfire and teleport to Cathedral of the Deep, then use the warp in the deacons boss room to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

*On the way to the Distant Manor Bonfire, the Sulyvahn's Beast from the bride will spawn and drop the doll when killed. DO NOT try to cross the bridge at central Irithyll for Greirat/Sirris quests, this will kill Yoel and their quests can be done later.

*Kill the pontiff, Yhorm, and Aldrich. Then the dancer, Dragonslayer Armor, and the Lothric brothers.

*Don't give the last scroll to Orbeck if you want the Morion Blade.

*Open the path to the Kiln of the First Flame and kill Soul of Cinder for the exalted ring, but don't link the fire, instead go back to Firelink Shrine.

*Get the 5 sigils from Yoel, then go to the central Irithyll bonfire and cross the barrier. Help Sirris kill Creighton and warp back to Firelink Shrine.

*Talk with Sirris for the Silvercat ring.

*Talk with Greirat and send him to the Irithyll expedition. Reload your save and tell Patches where is Greirat.

*Talk with Yuria and she'll mention Orbeck, you can give him the last scroll/buy the remaining spells and then kill him for the Morion Blade.

*Warp to Cliff Underside Bonfire and help Sirris kill Hodrick, then go back to Firelink and accept her vow.

*Warp to Farron Perimeter Bonfire and go inside the Catacombs of Carthus, talk with Anri at the first and second locations, then light the bonfire at Wolnir's room, but don't kill him yet.

*Go to Smouldering Lake, then kill Horace and the Old Demon King.

*Warp to Firelink Shrine and talk with Greirat and Yuria. The maid will sell Sirris armor and her talisman will be outside.

*Warp to the Rosaria's Chamber bonfire and offer a tongue, talk with Leonhard, warp to Firelink Shrine, and then back to Rosaria's Chamber for the black eye orb, use it at the "two handing required ahead" room for Rosaria's soul.

*Talk and send Greirat on the Lothric expedition, reload your save and tell Patches where he went.

*Kill Wolnir, you can tell Anri about Horace's death before that, but it's not needed.

*Warp to the Church of Yorshka bonfire and talk with Anri, warp to Firelink Shrine and talk with Yuria. Patches will be back and will sell hidden blessings.

*Retrieve Greirat's ashes at the Archives.

*Talk with Yuria again, then go to the Darkmoon Tomb and "marry" Anri.

*Talk with Yuria once more, then go to the Kiln and link the fire for the Lord of Hollows ending.

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