New Game

New Game Plus

In Dark Souls III, as in all Dark Souls games, once you complete the story you have the option of entering into New Game + (generally abbreviated NG+; your third playthrough would be NG+2, fourth would be NG+3, etc.). Enemies become stronger, drop greater amounts of souls, and stronger versions of items can be found as well. In the base game, there is an unlimited number of New Game + playthroughs you can enter into, however, enemies stop getting stronger after NG+7 (your 8th playthrough).

Increasing your "journey"

Cinders offers the option to increase the game cycle at the start of any playthrough. There is a coffin right behind you in the Cemetery of Ash when you start a new game (brand new character, OR NG+), and interacting with it will increase your new game cycle (called "journey" in Cinders). This can be done as many times as you want before you defeat Iudex Gundyr.

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