Mound Makers


A malformed vertebra found by the mad, with a
queer symbol on its inside, proof of the shackles
of the Gods.

Increases physical damage by 5% whilst worn.

Enables the collection of Vertebra Shackle from

The mound-makers wish only to add to their
mounds, becoming mad spirits whether summoned
as co-operators or invaders. They are blithe to
those around them, for in their minds, any kill
might lead to another shackle.


Given by Holy Knight Hodrick in the Undead Settlement before defeating the Curse-rotted Greatwood, or obtained after helping Sirris of the Sunless Realms defeat Hodrick.

List of Rewards

Turned in at the Sacrificial Altar in the Undead Settlement
Reward Offerings required Souls Required
Maddening Elixir 10 Vertebra Shackle 2,500
Sharp Gem* 5 Vertebra Shackle 1,250
Warmth 15 Vertebra Shackle 10,000
Hollowslayer Greatsword 15 Vertebra Shackle 20,000
Bloodlust 10 Vertebra Shackle 16,000
Flynn's Bow 10 Vertebra Shackle 6,000
Sunset Helm 3 Vertebra Shackle 2,000
Sunset Armor 3 Vertebra Shackle 4,000
Sunset Gauntlets 3 Vertebra Shackle 2,000
Sunset Leggings 3 Vertebra Shackle 2,000

*Same unlock requirements as Item Forge.


  • Boosts Physical damage by 5% and all enemies have a 5% chance (affected by Item Discovery) to drop a Vertebra Shackle whilst worn.
  • Areas where enemies constantly respawn (like the graveyard outside of the Cleansing Chapel bonfire) switch the covenant material drop rate to 1%.

Information here is accurate for version 2.00.

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