Mod Engine Installation Guide

Posted below are videos for installing Cinders via Mod Engine.

UXM instructions here:

Installing from a fresh install

  1. Make sure game has been installed, with no added mods, and is fully updated.
  2. Run the game, make sure there's a save file, disable offline play (System -> Network -> Launch Setting), then quit out.
  3. Download and extract Mod Engine from Nexus:
  4. copy dinput.dll and modengine.ini from the extracted folder to your Dark Souls III Game folder.
  5. Download and extract the latest version of Cinders (both 'Game' and 'Models') from Nexus
  6. Create a new folder named Cinders in the game's install folder (the one where DarkSoulsIII.exe is).
  7. Copy all the extracted folders and the Data0.bdt file from both the 'Game' and 'Models' downloads inside the Cinders folder.
  8. Copy and overwrite the modengine.ini file from the 'Game' download to your Dark Souls III Game folder.
  9. You can disable/enable offline play by opening the modengine.ini file and changing the value for blockNetworkAccess to 1 (no online play) or 0 (allow online play).
  10. Make sure your modOverrideDirectory is "\Cinders"
  • Running the game should now display the Cinders MOD version at the bottom of the main menu if the installation was done correctly.


  • Both 'Game' and 'Models' are required to install Cinders for the first time, but 'Models' doesn't need to be redownloaded everytime there is a new version.
  • To update the MOD, download and extract the latest version of 'Game' from Nexus, then copy and overwrite all the folders inside the Cinders folder.
  • The 'Models' files only need to be re-downloaded when new equipment is added to the game or when a problem with it is fixed.

Mod Engine video guide

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