Miracles are on of the three available Spell types in Dark Souls III, the other ones being Sorceries and Pyromancies.
Casting a miracle requires either a Chime or a Talisman, as well as sufficient Faith.

Most miracles can be learned from the miracle trainers Irina of Carim and Karla.

List of Miracles

Spell Int. Fth. Slots FP Effect Type Effect Description Acquisition
Atonement Image
0 10 1 25 Buff/Self

Attracts more attention from foes.

Farron Keep - From the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire, head away from the Abyss Watchers fight and drop off the small ledge to your right. On a body.

Blessed Weapon
Blessed Weapon Image
0 20 1 50 Buff/Utility/Self

Increases Physical damage by 30 and restores 5 HP per second for 60 seconds.

Bountiful Light
Bountiful Light Image
0 30 1 60 Buff/Utility/Self

Gradually restore high HP.

Bountiful Sunlight
Bountiful Sunlight Image
0 35 1 90 Buff/Utility/AOE

Gradually restore high HP for self and broad area.

Caressing Tears
Caressing Tears Image
0 20 1 60 Utility/Self

Cure ailments for self and vicinity.

Dark Blade
Dark Blade Image
15 15 1 50 Buff/Self

Adds 40 Magic damage to main weapon for 60 seconds.

Darkmoon Blade
Darkmoon Blade Image
0 20 1 50 Buff/Self

Adds 40 Magic damage to main weapon for 60 seconds.

Dead Again
Dead Again Image
20 20 1 25 Offensive/AOE/Utility

Bless corpses, transforming them into traps.

Deep Protection
Deep Protection Image
20 20 1 50 Buff/Self

Some extra ATK/absorption/resist/stamina recovery.

Devouring Swarm
Devouring Swarm Image
20 20 1 50 Offensive/Ranged/Homing/AOE

Summon insect massive swarm, shooting forth instect swarms to feast on foes.

Divine Pillars Of Light
Divine Pillars Of Light Image
0 30 1 10 Offensive/AOE

Bring down multiple pillars of light in vicinity.

Dorhys' Gnawing
Dorhys' Gnawing Image
20 20 1 30 Offensive/Ranged

Summon great insect swarm to feast on foes.

Emit Force
Emit Force Image
0 10 1 10 Offensive/Ranged/Utility/AOE

Release shockwave in front.

Force Image
0 10 1 5 Utility/AOE

Create shockwave.

Gnaw Image
10 10 1 20 Offensive/Ranged

Summon insect swarm to feast on foes.

Great Heal
Great Heal Image
0 30 2 80 Utility/AOE

Restores a large amount of HP for self and those in the vicinity.

Anor Londo - Located as you descend the tower from Anor Londo into the Church of Yorshka, on a single wooden beam.

Great Lightning Spear
Great Lightning Spear Image
0 30 1 35 Offensive/Ranged

Hurl giant lightning spear.

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley - Facing the Pontiff arena, on a corpse in front of the small platform directly in front of, but on the level below, the Pontiff Sulyvahn boss fight.

Great Magic Barrier
Great Magic Barrier Image
0 40 1 50 Buff/Self

Greatly increase magic damage absorption with coating.

Halo Image
0 25 1 25 Offensive/AOE

Launch white discuses outwards from the conjurer.

Heal Image
0 15 1 40 Utility/AOE

Restore HP for self and vicinity.

Heal Aid
Heal Aid Image
0 10 1 20 Utility/Self

Restore HP.

Heavenly Thunder
Heavenly Thunder Image
0 50 1 60 Offensive/Ranged/AOE

Summon heavenly thunder.

Homeward Image
0 10 1 20 Utility/Self

Returns caster to last bonfire rested at, or to shrine.

Inner Fervor
Inner Fervor Image
0 20 1 0 Utility/Self

Exchange HP for FP.

Lifehunt Scythe
Lifehunt Scythe Image
25 25 1 25 Offensive/Utility

Steal HP of foes using an illusory scythe.

Lightning Arrow
Lightning Arrow Image
0 10 1 15 Offensive/Ranged

Draw lightning bow to fire lightning arrow.

Farron Keep - From the Farron Keep bonfire, head through the swamp to the Estus Soup. It is on that 'island'.

Lightning Blade
Lightning Blade Image
0 20 1 50 Buff/Self

Adds 40 Lightning damage to main weapon for 60 seconds.

Irithyll Dungeon - From the area you access Archdragon Peak, hop off the lift midway through to find it on a ledge.

Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt Image
  • May no longer be obtainable in current version.
Lightning Spear
Lightning Spear Image
0 20 1 20 Offensive/Ranged

Hurls a lightning spear.

Farron Keep - from the Old Wolf bonfire, head to the bridge. The ring is at the head of the large, dead dragon.

Lightning Stake
Lightning Stake Image
0 30 1 30 Offensive/AOE

Strike with a stake of lightning.

Smouldering Lake - From killing the Carthus Sandworm, which also drops an Undead Bone Shard.

Lightning Storm
Lightning Storm Image
0 25 1 30 Offensive/AOE

Call forth furious bolts of lightning.

Archdragon Peak - from the 2nd bonfire, head out to the large courtyard, then in towards the gauntlet of enemies. There is a room with several rock lizards before it opens up again. A ledge is on each side, and a titanite slab is on one, this spell is on the other.

Magic Barrier
Magic Barrier Image
0 30 1 30 Buff/Self

Increase magic damage absorption with coating.

Med Heal
Med Heal Image
0 20 1 60 Utility/AOE

Restore moderate HP for self and vicinity.

Nibble Image
0 0 1 10 Offensive/Ranged

Summon instect swarm to feast on foes.

Perseverance Image
0 40 1 50 Self/Buff

Prevents staggering but slows stamina recovery.

Cathedral of the deep - Facing the large monument right in front of the Deacons fight, it is to your right.

Projected Heal
Projected Heal Image
0 30 1 40 Utility/Ranged/AOE

Toss a light that heals those nearby impact point.

Replenishment Image
0 20 1 30 Buff/Utility/Self

Gradually restore HP.

Sacred Oath
Sacred Oath Image
0 40 1 50 Buff/AOE

Boost ATK/DMG absorption for self and vicinity.

Seek Guidance
Seek Guidance Image
0 10 1 20 Utility/Self

Reveal more help, and signs, without using ember.

Cathedral of the Deep - There is an upper platform in a small chapel area of the Cathedral of the Deep, before you hit the singular Deep Accursed. It is on that platform. There is a Thrall hanging from the ledge that will ambush you.

Soothing Sunlight
Soothing Sunlight Image
0 40 1 100 Utility/AOE

Restore high HP for self and broad area.

Sunlight Spear
Sunlight Spear Image
0 40 1 50 Offensive/Ranged

Hurls a sunlight spear.

Lothric Castle - After killing the Pus of Man inside the silver Lothric Wyvern, it can be found in the small, adjacent side room.

Tears Of Denial
Tears Of Denial Image
0 40 1 100 Buff/Utility/Self

Grant one chance to endure when HP reaches 0.

Vow Of Silence
Vow Of Silence Image
0 25 1 40 Buff/Debuff/AOE/Utility

Prevent spells in vicinity, including one's own.

Way Of White Corona
Way Of White Corona Image
0 0 1 15 Offensive/Ranged

White discus slices into foes and returns to conjurer.

Wrath Of The Gods
Wrath Of The Gods Image
0 30 1 30 Offensive/Utility/AOE

Create powerfull shockwave.

Profaned Capital - On the roof where you fight the NPC with Logan's Scroll, drop down into the chapel from the roof.

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