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Keys are used to unlock certain doors and chests.

Icon Name Availability Usage
cell-key-dish.jpg Cell Key

Unlocks Greirat's cell in the High Wall of Lothric.

contraption-key-dish.jpg Contraption Key

Unlock the stair towards the next checkpoint.

tower-key-dish.jpg Forgotten Key

Used to open the locked chest in Firelink Shrine.

grand-archives-key-dish.jpg Grand Archives Key

Unlocks the entrance to the Grand Archives.

grave-key-dish.jpg Grave Key

Opens the door in the sewer in the Undead Settlement that leads to Irina of Carim.

jailbreaker-s-key-dish.jpg Jailbreaker's Key

Unlock a window leading to Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring.

jailer-s-key-ring-dish.jpg Jailer's Key Ring
  • Open the cell containing Prisoner Chief's Ashes. From the first bonfire follow the initial path and keep right until you come to a set of stairs leading into a small open area with a locked room.
lift-chamber-key-dish.jpg Lift Chamber Key

Unlocks the door to the elevator shaft below the Boreal Outrider Knight in the High Wall of Lothric.

master-key.jpg Master Key



Changes form to fit any lock, opening any locked door.

old-cell-key-dish.jpg Old Cell Key

Key Items

Key items are used to progress through the game or to unlock certain aspects of it.

Icon Name Availability Usage
basin-of-vows-dish.jpg Basin of Vows

Unlock the ladder behind High Priestess Emma.

blood-of-the-dark-soul-dish.jpg Blood of the Dark Soul

Can be given to The Painter if you have completed Painted World Of Ariandel for extra dialogue.

cinders-of-a-lord-abyss-watchers-dish.jpg Cinders of a Lord (Abyss Watchers)

Can be placed on their throne in the Firelink Shrine to gain access to the Kiln of the First Flame.

cinders-of-a-lord-aldrich-devourer-of-gods-dish.jpg Cinders of a Lord (Aldrich, Devourer of Gods)

Can be placed on their throne in the Firelink Shrine to gain access to the Kiln of the First Flame.

cinders-of-a-lord-prince-lothric-dish.jpg Cinders of a Lord (Prince Lothric)

Can be placed on their throne in the Firelink Shrine to gain access to the Kiln of the First Flame.

cinders-of-a-lord-yhorm-the-giant-dish.jpg Cinders of a Lord (Yhorm The Giant)

Can be placed on their throne in the Firelink Shrine to gain access to the Kiln of the First Flame.

coiled-sword-dish.jpg Coiled Sword

Used to ignite the central bonfire in the Firelink Shrine.

dark-sigil-dish.jpg Dark Sigil
  • Acquired by letting Yoel of Londor draw out your true strength, granting you a free level. This can occur five times, it requires you to die twice before Yoel of Londor will offer it again, at hollowing level 0, 2, 6, 12, and 16.
  • Given (×3) to you if you decide to marry Anri of Astora.

  • Increases the level of Hollowing when you die. Hollowing is increased by the number of Dark Sigils you have, each death.
  • It can be healed by giving a Fire Keeper Soul to the Fire Keeper, then exchanging souls to remove the curse. The cost of healing the Dark Sigil is equal to the cost to gain a number of levels equal to the amount of Dark Sigils in your possession. (including the incrementally higher cost of the higher levels).
  • When the Dark Sigil is healed, all Dark Sigils are removed from your inventory, and your character will no longer gain more Hollowing on death. As of a recent patch, this also cures your current level of Hollowing.
  • Once removed, your Dark Sigil will be removed and your character will no longer be affected by Hollowing.
  • If you heal the Dark Sigil before getting 5 free levels from Yoel of Londor, he will no longer offer to "Draw out your true strength."
  • When the Dark Sigil is healed the levels with not be removed (needs further confirming) (confirmed, stat bonuses remained the same) (you pay a cost of 5 levels according your current level.)
  • Upon healing the Dark Sigil, Yuria of Londor will refuse to talk to you further (including purchasing items). Upon reloading Firelink Shrine, she will be gone. (not sure what else this changes, this occurred after healing the Dark Sigil immediately after killing Crystal Sage)
  • Moving up to the next New Game will remove the Dark Sigil, but the Hollowing level will remain.
eyes-of-a-fire-keeper-dish.jpg Eyes of a Fire Keeper

Can be given to the Fire Keeper in order to progress towards the End of Fire ending.

fire-keeper-soul-dish.jpg Fire Keeper Soul
  • It can be found at the Firelink Shrine, at the top of the Fire Keeper tower.

Allows the Fire Keeper to remove the player's Hollowing and accumulated Dark Sigils.

hawkwood-s-swordgrass-dish.jpg Hawkwood's Swordgrass

Received from Blacksmith Andre then can fight Hawkwood The Deserter in the Abyss Watchers boss room.

loretta-s-bone-dish.jpg Loretta's Bone
  • Found in the Undead Settlement, on a hanging corpse on the balcony of a house to the left of the Undead Settlement bonfire.

Can be given to Greirat of the Undead Settlement to progress in his questline.

orbeck-s-ashes-dish.jpg Orbeck's Ashes

Give to Yuria of Londor to obtain the Morion Blade.

ring-of-betrothal.png Ring of Betrothal
  • Found at the Giant Smith's corpse in Anor Londo.

Give it to your chosen betrothed to Flirt with her.

Betrothal Candidates

small-doll-dish.jpg Small Doll

Allows passage through the barrier at the entrance to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

small-envoy-banner-dish.jpg Small Envoy Banner

Required to travel to The Ringed City.

small-lothric-banner-dish.jpg Small Lothric Banner

Allows travel to the Undead Settlement after defeating Vordt of the Boreal Valley.

sword-of-avowal-dish.jpg Sword of Avowal

Used at the end of the Anri of Astora questline.

Information here is accurate for version 1.76.

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