Journey Configuration
Cinders allows to configure the game with a set of rules that alter the gameplay, these rules can be set through the Petrified Giant found at the very start of the game in the Cemetery of Ash.

Configure Journey

This option allows to choose the game mode for the current journey.

Standard Mode

Enabled by default, there are no changes to gameplay.

Explorer Mode

Intended as an 'easy mode' for those that want to explore the content in the mod. Activates the following changes:

Wanderer Mode

Wanderer mode activates the following changes:

  • Removes the ability to Reinforce equipment.
  • Each Boss will grant a damage boost (from 0.25% to 1% depending on each boss) after they have been defeated for the rest of the journey.

Mythic Mode

Mythic mode activates the following changes:

Starting Location

  • This option is available for Standard, Explorer, Wanderer and Mythic modes, and it allows to change the starting game location or randomize it.

Gauntlet Mode

Gauntlet mode activates the following changes:

  • Teleports the player to Firelink Shrine and adds 2 weapon tokens, 4 armor tokens and 1 accessory token to the inventory.
  • Disables bonfire warp and adds options to face the next boss and to reset the current progress to the Fire Keeper.
  • Each boss defeated will drop Souls, their respective Boss Souls, and 1 random token.
  • The Fire Keeper will sell all the items, equipment and spells in the game in exchange for a certain amount of Souls and tokens.
  • Adds an option to reallocate attributes to the Fire Keeper with no cost.
  • Defeating all bosses will enable the option to start the next New Game cycle.

Gauntlet Configuration

  • This option is available only for Gauntlet mode.

Switch Gauntlet Type

  • Allows to choose different gauntlet modes:
    • Ordered: The Standard boss order with no changes.
    • Random: Bosses are randomly selected, defeated bosses do not appear again until the player is defeated.
    • Endless: Standard order with no breaks between bosses.
    • Reverse Ordered: The order is switched to fight from the last boss to the first one.
    • Reverse Endless: Reversed order with no breaks between bosses.
    • Boss Select: The order of the bosses can be choosen individually.

Reset Progress

  • This option resets any current progress in gauntlet mode.

Disable/Enable DLC bosses

  • Can be used by players who do not own the DLCs.

Skip Journey

This option can be used to increase the current New Game cycle, irreversible.

Begin Journey

This option confirms the chosen options and disables the Configure, Modify and Skip journey menus until the next NG cycle is started.


  • The changes are irreversible for the rest of the game cycle, once chosen they cannot be undone until the next NG+.
  • Reinforced equipment and equipment obtained through any game mode are not lost upon starting the next cycle and choosing a different game mode.
  • The damage boost from Wanderer mode is only active during the current run and is lost upon starting the next cycle.
  • The damage boost from Wanderer mode caps at +25% damage overall.
  • Minor bosses or extra enemies added from the Curse of Attraction do not count for the damage boost of Wanderer mode.
  • Reviving a boss with their tome to defeat them again does not count for the damage boost of Wanderer mode.
  • Doing a Challenge Run while Mythic mode is enabled will yield different rewards.

Information here is accurate for version 2.09.

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