Bloodthirsty Grass Dew
Bloodthirsty Grass Dew
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Maximum Held Max. Held 1
Maximum Stored Max. Stored 99
Buy Price Buy Price -
Sell Price Sell Price -


A small, transparent stone that once graced the green young grass crest.

This semi-precious gem honors a Spear of Church after a battle well-fought, and is said to slightly enhance their blessing of protection.

Restores 3 HP every second, boosts stamina recovery by 10 and all absorptions by 10% for 120 seconds.
Effect duration can be extended.
This item draws upon the blood of foes, requiring 60 Bloodthirst charges to use. Charges are gained via most melee attacks and specific spells and items.


Restores 3 HP every second and boosts Stamina Recovery by 10 and all absorptions by 10% for 120 seconds.

Can only be used whilst the Spears of the Church emblem is equipped.



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