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Maximum Held Max. Held 99
Maximum Stored Max. Stored 999
Sell Price Sell Price 50


The remains of a once powerful foe.

Proof an enemy was felled by a member of the Champion's Pact.

The decreptit being known as Ludleth would be interested in such an item.



Ludleth now has 5 pact options:

  • Evlana: adds additional enemies, increases base awestone chance to 5%.
  • Nahr Alma: reduces absorption by 100%, adds awestone roll at 2.5% chance.
  • Kremmel: increases weapon FP and stamina costs by 50%, adds awestone roll at 2.5% chance.
  • Caitha: reduces HP/FP/Stamina by 50%, adds awestone roll at 2.5% chance.
  • Caffery: reduces soul gain by 60%, adds awestone roll at 2.5% chance.


  • Bosses and certain unique enemies have a guaranteed drop upon death.
  • The drop rate of Awestones can be increased by enabling one or more pacts when talking to Ludleth of Courland.
  • Each pact adds its own roll, so using multiple will stack (i.e. you can get 5 awestones from 1 kill).
  • Drop rate is affected by Item Discovery. You can use the following sheet to calculate the drop rate based on Item Discovery entered.
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