Ashen Estus Flask
Ashen Estus Flask
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Maximum Held Max. Held 15
Maximum Stored Max. Stored -


Undead treasure these dull ashen flasks.

Fill with Estus at bonfires and drink to restore FP.

Quite befitting of an unkindled, an Ashen Estus Flask turns a bonfire's heat cold.


The Ashen Estus Flask is a consumable that restores some FP when used.


Level FP restored
Base 250
+1 300
+2 350
+3 400
+4 450
+5 500
+6 550
+7 600
+8 650
+9 700
+10 750


Picked up in the tutorial section of the Cemetery of Ash, by the broken fountain.


  • The Ashen Estus Ring increases FP restored.
  • The number of flasks is halved (rounded down) in when summoned or while invading.
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