Item Discovery
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Item Discovery Icon Governs likelihood of finding items on the corpses of defeated enemies.


Item Discovery increases the chance of an enemy dropping an item on their random drop table.

Item Discovery works by comparing your value of Item Discovery against the enemies chance to drop an item and the chance to drop nothing.

$Chance = \left[ {(Item Discovery / 100) ^* Drop Chance \over {((Item Discovery / 100) ^* Drop Chance) + (100 - Drop Chance)}} \right] * 100$

Therefore if you are farming an item, it is recommended you maximise your Item Discovery otherwise it may take you a very long time to get a drop.

Maximizing Item Discovery

A good endgame strategy for maxing out your Item Discovery (for say, farming Covenant Items offline) is respec your character to max out Luck, and then use the Hallowed Sword in one hand and the Hallowed Greatsword in the other hand (both with the Lucky infusion), while wearing the Symbol of Avarice and a Covetous Gold Serpent Ring. This should easily get you more than 300 discovery, which you can increase by another 50 or 100 with the Rusted Coin or Rusted Gold Coin respectively.


Item / Effect Item Discovery Increase
Lucky infusion on any weapon +25
Rusted Coin +50, lasts until death/warp
Rusted Gold Coin +100, lasts until death/warp
Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +100/120/140/160/180/200
Crystal Sage's Rapier +25
Hallowed Sword +25
Hallowed Greatsword +25
Longstaff of Rosaria +25
Helix Halberd +25
Melu Scimitars +25
Porcine Shield +25
Twin Dragon Greatshield +25
Jailer Set +100
Pickpocket Set +75
Varangian Set +100
Bucket +25
Sack +25
Salvador's Hat +25
Suspicious Gold Mask +25
Symbol of Avarice +100
Thrall Hood +25
Thieves' Pact +20~100
Boon of Aborr +25


  • In the case of drops that contain more than one item within their table drop, Item Discovery is applied to the total chance and the ratio between the items remains the same.
    • Example:
      • A Red Crystal Lizzie has a 20% chance to drop a Magic, Fire, Lightning or Dark Gem, with the chance between them being 25% of the total. This means that with 150 Item Discovery there is a 27% chance that one of the gems will be rewarded, and the ratio to decide which one is given remains the same.

Information here is accurate for version 2.15.

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