Illusionary Insignias and Emblems

Illusionary Insignias and Emblems is a mechanic that allows the player to alter his character's armor appearance at any moment.

These changes are only visual and do not affect the stats and effects of the armor currently equipped, it is an aesthetic mechanic. The alteration persists through loading screens, but will get removed upon death. It can also be removed by using the Cleansing Potion.

Each armor set has an insignia and an emblem, and all of them are sold by Alchemist Jiji in Firelink Shrine. Insignias alter the head slot appearance, while emblems alter the chest, hands and legs slots.

All insignias and emblems have a price of 250 Souls each, have infinite uses, and can be used with any armor set equipped or while being naked. Using an insignia or emblem and then using a different one will replace the appearance with the new one.

Information here is accurate for version 1.89.

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