How To Play Online
  • Cinders can be played online with the same features as vanilla like, co-op, duels, etc.
  • This will cause a softban, which is required to play with other Cinders players.

Family share

This is done to be able to play online without compromising your account. Consists on creating a second account and then use Steam's Family Share to play the game with the MOD installed. This way the resulting softban will only affect the alternate account, while the main account will stay unbanned.

Mod Engine

Mod engine users require an extra step to be able to play online:

  • Locate the "modengine.ini" file in the game folder and open it with any text editor.
  • In the Online section, where it says "blockNetworkAccess=1", replace the 1 with a 0.
  • Then save and close the file.


  • Using Cinders while online will automatically flag you for a ban, there is no need to do anything special to get banned.
  • Bans usually take place once every week, this is an estimated time and it can vary.
  • Softbanned players can only play with other softbanned players.
  • The Cinders community uses the password "Cinders" (without quotes) for jolly cooperation and duels.
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