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Hollowing Icon The degree to which this character is cursed.
The character will turn hollow if the curse grows too severe.

Hollowing changes the player's appearance and boosts the effects of certain items.

To become Hollow, one must accept Yoel of Londor's offer to draw out true strength at least once. After that, the Hollowing level will rise every time the player dies. Hollowing level increment is increased by the number of Dark Sigils in the player's inventory upon death.

The Dark Sigil can be removed by the Fire Keeper after the Fire Keeper Soul has been given to her, at a cost proportionate to the character's level. Using a Cleansing Pendant or praying at the Statue of Velka in the Undead Settlement, or the Purging Monument in The Ringed City will reverse the Hollowing and restore human appearance, but will not remove the Dark Sigil.

Equipment with Hollow scaling

Item Effect with 99 Hollowing
Nil Bow and Blade +10% damage boost
Sword of Avowal +10% damage boost

Information here is accurate for version 2.15.

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