Guard and Stability Scaling

The guard absorption and stability of certain weapons can be increased by leveling up in Cinders. This scaling is independent of any damage scaling the weapon might have and the gains are linear, one stat point gives 1% of the total scaling, capping at 99 for the 100% of the scaling.

Strength increases the stability of the weapon, reducing the Stamina required to block an attack.

Dexterity increases all guard absorption, reducing the damage taken when blocking an attack.

The improvement of these stats are different for each weapon. Generally, heavier weapons have higher guard absorption and stability.

Weapons with Guard Absorption and Stability Scaling


  • Since the scaling is independent from damage scaling, weapons with no Dexterity scaling like a Great Club will still gain better guard absorption when increasing Dexterity.
  • Both guard and stability scalings are unaffected by the Reinforcement level or Infusion the weapons might have.
  • The Dark Hand is the only weapon that gains no stability scaling.
  • All weapons listed reach 100% Physical guard absorption at 99 Dexterity (except Runelock).
  • The +50% Strength bonus gained when a weapon is two-handed is also applied to the stability scaling of the weapon, effectively reaching the cap at 66 Strength (only while the weapon is two-handed).
  • The Virtual Dexterity used to increase spell casting speed has no effect to guard absorption scaling.
  • Equipping one of these weapons in the left hand gives a valid alternative to using Shields while playing in Wanderer or Mythic Modes, as reinforcement is disabled in them and it would not be possible to increase the stability of shields. As they can also improve the versatility of a dual wielding build.

Information here is accurate for version 2.15.

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