A Burial Gift is an item that can be chosen during character creation to start the journey with.

Aside from the Life Ring, all Burial Gifts are consumables. None of them is required in any form to access content in the game, and all of them can be obtained later on.

List of Burial Gifts

Burial Gift Effect
Life Ring Grants 10% increased Max HP.
Divine Blessing Use to restore HP and ailments over time.
Hidden Blessing Use to restore FP.
Black Firebomb x 5 Throw at enemy for Fire damage.
Raw Gem Used to infuse Raw weapons at a blacksmith
Sovereignless Soul Use to acquire 2,000 Souls.
Rusted Gold Coin x 7 Increases Item Discovery by 100 until death.
Dung Pie An odorous dung pie. Lovely.
Young White Branch Makes you transform into an object from your surroundings.
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