Spiked Shield
Spiked Shield
Spiked Shield Image
General Aux Effects
Physical Damage Type Strike Bleed Effect 0
Sell Price / Soul Value 210 Poison Damage 0
Can this equipment be buffed? Yes Frost Effect 0
Skill Shield Strike Stability 55
Skill FP Cost - Durability 20
Spell Buff N/A Weight 8
Range N/A Critical Damage 100
Damage Damage Reduction
Physical Damage 108 Physical Reduction 100
Magic Damage 0 Magic Reduction 65
Fire Damage 0 Fire Reduction 65
Lightning Damage 0 Lightning Reduction 45
Dark Damage 0 Dark Reduction 70
Requirements Bonuses
Strength Requirement 12 Base Strength Bonus 50
Dexterity Requirement 12 Base Dexterity Bonus -
Intelligence Requirement 0 Base Intelligence Bonus -
Faith Requirement 0 Base Faith Bonus -


Shield of Longfinger Kirk, the notorious Knight of Thorns. The surface bristles with thorns.

Its vicious design makes it an effective weapon, and its thorns can inflict heavy bleeding on those unfortunate enough to be struck.

Skill: Shield Strike
Use shield to attack enemies. Works while equipped in either hand.





Item drop




  • Uses the Regular reinforcement path.


Information here is accurate for version 1.78.

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