Rose of Ariandel
Rose of Ariandel
Rose of Ariandel Image
General Aux Effects
Physical Damage Type Standard Bleed Effect 30
Sell Price / Soul Value 1,000 Poison Damage 0
Can this equipment be buffed? Yes Frost Effect 0
Skill Awakening Stability 50
Skill FP Cost 500 Durability 30
Spell Buff 200 Weight 4
Range N/A Critical Damage 100
Damage Damage Reduction
Physical Damage 182 Physical Reduction 25
Magic Damage 0 Magic Reduction 15
Fire Damage 0 Fire Reduction 10
Lightning Damage 0 Lightning Reduction 10
Dark Damage 0 Dark Reduction 15
Requirements Bonuses
Strength Requirement 10 Base Strength Bonus 20
Dexterity Requirement 12 Base Dexterity Bonus 20
Intelligence Requirement 0 Base Intelligence Bonus -
Faith Requirement 40 Base Faith Bonus 50


A flail used by the bulbous Father of the Painted World to shred his own skin, producing blood to appease the flame.
Both a weapon and a miracle catalyst.

Skill: Awakening
Violently flail oneself to trigger an awakening, just as the good Father used the rose himself.
Boosts Physical and Lightning spell damage by 20% for 15 seconds.






  • Uses the Boss reinforcement path.


Information here is accurate for version 1.79.

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