Dragonhead Shield
Dragonhead Shield
Dragonhead Shield Image
General Aux Effects
Physical Damage Type Strike Bleed Effect 0
Sell Price / Soul Value 500 Poison Damage 0
Can this equipment be buffed? Yes Frost Effect 0
Skill Dragon Breath Stability 50
Skill FP Cost 250 Durability 30
Spell Buff N/A Weight 5
Range N/A Critical Damage 100
Damage Damage Reduction
Physical Damage 106 Physical Reduction 100
Magic Damage 0 Magic Reduction 70
Fire Damage 11 Fire Reduction 90
Lightning Damage 0 Lightning Reduction 50
Dark Damage 0 Dark Reduction 70
Requirements Bonuses
Strength Requirement 12 Base Strength Bonus 21
Dexterity Requirement 0 Base Dexterity Bonus -
Intelligence Requirement 11 Base Intelligence Bonus 6
Faith Requirement 12 Base Faith Bonus 16


This shield, as hard as a great boulder, is formed by the head of the descendant of an Archdragon. The Ringed Knights, by command of the gods, stood amongst the ranks who set out to slay the dragons, but their contributions were never lauded.

Skill: Dragon Breath
Even the descendant of an Archdragon perishes not, and use of this skill restores its former strength, sweeping foes with a frontal exhalation of dragon breath.







  • Uses the Dragon reinforcement path.


Information here is accurate for version 1.79.

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