Dark Hand
Dark Hand
Dark Hand Image
General Aux Effects
Physical Damage Type Strike Bleed Effect 0
Sell Price / Soul Value 1,000 Poison Damage 0
Can this equipment be buffed? Yes Frost Effect 0
Skill Lifedrain Stability 50
Skill FP Cost 50 Durability 40
Spell Buff N/A Weight 1
Range N/A Critical Damage 100
Damage Damage Reduction
Physical Damage 0 Physical Reduction 80
Magic Damage 0 Magic Reduction 90
Fire Damage 0 Fire Reduction 90
Lightning Damage 0 Lightning Reduction 90
Dark Damage 120 Dark Reduction 90
Requirements Bonuses
Strength Requirement 0 Strength Bonus 0
Dexterity Requirement 0 Dexterity Bonus 0
Intelligence Requirement 0 Intelligence Bonus 45
Faith Requirement 0 Faith Bonus 45


Weapon that allows its wielder to evoke an art unique to Londor, the land of the Hollow. It is also said to be an ancient relic of a Primordial Serpent.

The Dark Hand mercilessly saps the essence of its victims, and can also double as a special shield. Cannot be used two handed.

Skill: Lifedrain
Embrace the victim and steal their HP. Can only be used against humans.


  • Inflicts 50 Curse build up.



Item drop



  • One of the two weapons that gain a boost to elemental block when Infused, the other being the Valorheart.


  • Uses the Unique reinforcement path.
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