Archdeacon's Longstaff
Archdeacon's Longstaff
Archdeacon's Longstaff Image
General Aux Effects
Physical Damage Type Strike Bleed Effect 0
Sell Price / Soul Value 100 Poison Damage 0
Can this equipment be buffed? Yes Frost Effect 0
Skill Archdeacon's Gambit Stability 60
Skill FP Cost -(-/300) Durability 30
Spell Buff N/A Weight 7
Range N/A Critical Damage 100
Damage Damage Reduction
Physical Damage 148 Physical Reduction 25
Magic Damage 0 Magic Reduction 20
Fire Damage 0 Fire Reduction 10
Lightning Damage 0 Lightning Reduction 10
Dark Damage 140 Dark Reduction 15
Requirements Bonuses
Strength Requirement 10 Base Strength Bonus 60
Dexterity Requirement 10 Base Dexterity Bonus 60
Intelligence Requirement 0 Base Intelligence Bonus 40
Faith Requirement 20 Base Faith Bonus 40


The battlestaff once used by the Archdeacons of the Cathedral of the Deep.

Inflicts Curse.and upon the death of an enemy,
nearby corpses explode with dark energies.

Skill: Archdeacon's Gambit
Slam staff into the ground to briefly awaken it, then follow with strong attack to
trigger a roar, a blessing, or vexation.


  • Upon the death of an enemy, nearby corpses explode with dark energies.
  • Inflicts 30 Curse build up.




  • Passive special effect is the same as Dead Again.


  • Uses the Unique reinforcement path.


  • Cinders Mod

Information here is accurate for version 1.72.

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