Equipment Load
Equip Load Icon Equipment Load, also known as Equip Load, is a Derived Attribute that determines the player character's movement speed in relation to the total weight of all equipped weapons, armors and rings.

In-game description

Total weight of equipped weapons and armor.
Movement slows as load increases.
Exceed the rightmost number and movement slows dramatically.


Two types of Equipment Load can be distinguished: The current Equipment Load, which is the total weight of all equipped items, and the maximum Equipment Load, which limits how much weight can be equipped.

The ratio of current Equip Load to maximum Equip Load determines the player's movement speed during certain functions:

  • Ninja Backflip - While below 30% Equipment Load:
    • The player does a flip backwards with invincibility frames in the middle of the animation (exact amount undetermined).
  • Backstep:
    • The player steps back with invincibility frames in the middle of the animation (exact amount undetermined).
  • Fast Roll (20 Stamina Consumption) - While below 30% Equipment Load:
    • The player rolls quickly, furthest and gains more invincivility frames than Medium Roll (exact amount undetermined).
  • Medium Roll (25 Stamina Consumption) - Between 30% to 70% Equipment Load:
    • The player rolls a moderate distance.
  • Fat Roll - (30 Stamina Consumption) Between 70% to 100% Equipment Load:
    • The player rolls slowly and covers a short distance, also suffers -9 to their Stamina Recovery.
  • Encumbered Roll (40 Stamina Consumption) - Above 100% Equipment Load:

Stamina Consumption for rolls, backsteps and flips is the same for each tier.

While the duration of a dodge roll is not influenced by the Equipment Load, same can not be said about the distance covered by said roll. The lower the Equipment Load, the farther the roll distance, increasing the movement speed.

As of 1.84 consecutive rolls have an increased stamina cost. +5 Stamina cost is added to the next roll if performed within 0.5 seconds after the previous one, stacks up to +30 stamina cost.

Example: A player with less than 70% equipment load rolls three times in a row, then performs another action (stand, walk, attack, etc.) for more than 0.5 seconds, then rolls once more. The stamina cost for the first roll would be 25 (medium roll), the second roll would take 30 stamina, the third 35 stamina, and because more than half of a second passed since the third roll the stamina cost resets and the fourth roll costs 25 stamina again.

Increasing max Equipment Load

The maximum Equipment Load can increased by raising the Primary Attribute Vitality. Additionally, the following equipment can be used to further increase the maximum Equipment Load:

Effect Stat Boost
Blunt infusion +10% max Equipment Load
Respite infusion +10% max Equipment Load
Havel's Ring +20/24/28/32/36/40% max Equipment Load
Ring of Favor +7.5/10/12.5/15/17.5/20% max HP, Stamina and Equipment Load
Preacher's Right Arm +10% max Equipment Load
Aurous Set +20% max Equipment Load
Sentinel Set +20% max Equipment Load
Mask of the Father +5% max Equipment Load
Soul Coalescence +30% max Equipment Load
Boon of the Wyvern +10% max Equipment Load
Malus of the Frigid Knight -25% max Equipment Load

Information here is accurate for version 2.15.

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