Enemy Drops

Enemy drops in Cinders can be categorized as Common and Unique.

Common drops

These drops usually consist of Consumable Items and similar, and they have a random chance to be obtained after defeating enemies. This drop rate is affected by Item Discovery.

Unique drops

Most equipment like Weapons, Shields, etc, have a 100% chance to drop, but only from certain enemies.
These drops are easy to distinguish, as they are directly placed in the player's inventory.
Once the item is obtained, defeating the same enemy won't reward the drop again.


  • See Enemies for each possible drop.
  • Some Upgrade Material and Consumable Item drops have a chance to drop multiple, affected by Item Discovery (i.g. when a Large Hollow Soldier drops a Lethal Gem or a Lifegem there is a chance he will drop two or three of them instead of one).
  • In the case of drops that contain more than one item within their table drop, Item Discovery is applied to the total chance and the ratio between the items remains the same.
    • Example:
      • A Red Crystal Lizzie has a 20% chance to drop a Magic, Fire, Lightning or Dark Gem, with the chance between them being 25% of the total. This means that with 150 Item Discovery there is a 27% chance that one of the gems will be rewarded, and the ratio to decide which one is given remains the same.

Information here is accurate for version 2.15.

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