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Endurance Icon Attribute governing stamina.


Endurance Max Stamina
1 83
40 160
99 170

Equipment Modifiers

Item Primary Attribute Modification
Follower Set +10 Endurance
Forlorn Set +7 Endurance
Gloom Set +6 Endurance
Outrider Knight Armor Set +7 Endurance
Ruin Set +6 Endurance
Sunset Set +8 Endurance
Wanderer's Coat +4 Endurance
Merchant Ring +5/10/15/20 Endurance
Handmaid's Ladle +2 Vitality and Endurance
Prisoner's Chain +5 Vigor, Endurance and Vitality
Crab Helmet +10 to all Primary Attributes

Information here is accurate for version 1.74.

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