Effect Duration

Effects with a set duration that can be extended

Effect Source Base Duration
Bestial Wrath 15 seconds
Black Dragon's Ire 15 seconds
Channeler's Boon 30 seconds
Leydia Enchantment 60 seconds
Lightning Stomp 15 seconds
Pilgrim's Enchantment 60 seconds
Stone Flesh 20 seconds
Velka's Grace 15 seconds
Wheel of Fate (2)* 15 seconds
Runic Seal 5 seconds
Magic Weapon 90 seconds
Great Magic Weapon 60 seconds
Crystal Magic Weapon 30 seconds
Frozen Weapon 60 seconds
Magic Shield 60 seconds
Great Magic Shield 30 seconds
Supreme Magic Shield 120 seconds
Hidden Weapon 120 seconds
Hidden Body 60 seconds
Cast Light 60 seconds
Spook 60 seconds
Iron Flesh 15 seconds
Flash Sweat 30 seconds
Black Flame Arc 60 seconds
Carthus Flame Arc 60 seconds
Power Within* 30 seconds
Profuse Sweat 60 seconds
Carthus Beacon 30 seconds
Replenishment* 60 seconds
Bountiful Sunlight* 60 seconds
Bountiful Light* 60 seconds
Magic Barrier 60 seconds
Great Magic Barrier 60 seconds
Sacred Oath 60 seconds
Heavenly Relief 60 seconds
Lightning Blade 60 seconds
Darkmoon Blade 60 seconds
Dark Blade 60 seconds
Blessed Weapon* 60 seconds
Deep Protection 60 seconds
Pulsating Blade 60 seconds
Pungent Blade 60 seconds
Rockflesh 30 seconds
Lifegem* 30 seconds
Radiant Lifegem* 30 seconds
Old Radiant Lifegem* 30 seconds
Elizabeth Mushroom* 30 seconds
Dried Root* 300 seconds
Brightbug 60 seconds
Old Growth Balm 300 seconds
Vine Balm 300 seconds
Blackweed Balm 300 seconds
Goldenfruit Balm 300 seconds
Soul of a Fallen Astrologer 30 seconds
Soul of a Fallen Berserker 30 seconds
Soul of a Fallen Champion 30 seconds
Soul of a Fallen Paladin 30 seconds
Soul of a Fallen Sage 30 seconds
Soul of a Fallen Sentinel 30 seconds
Soul of a Fallen Warrior 30 seconds
Bloodthirsty Grass Dew* 120 seconds

*Extending their duration won't change their HP and FP loss/gains, but each tick will be slowed down.

Duration extending equipment

Item Duration Boost
Caitha's Chime +100%
Moonlight Set +100%
Shira's Set +100%
Black Witch Veil +25%
Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +100/120/140/160/180/200%

Information here is accurate for version 2.15.

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