Dreg Hail

spell_image: 'image-set-spells:dreg-hail/dreg-hail.png'
category: sorcery
effect_type: Offensive/Ranged/AOE
fp_cost: '10'
slots_used: '1'
sell_price: '300'
intelligence_required: '16'
faith_required: '0'
description: "> Sorcery of Archdeacon Royce and his deacons, said to have been imparted to them by McDonnel of the Boreal Valley.\n> \n> Fires a cascade of homing soul sediment.\n> \n> Souls which swell from the deep pursue their target, drawn towards life."
effect: 'Fires a cascade of darkened soul sediment.'
effect_short: 'Fires a cascade of darkened soul sediment.'
acquisition: ''
acquisition_short: ''
appendices: "+ Notes\n* Dark damage: Spell Buff x0.40 (per bullet) before resistances."

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