Attack Deflection

Attack deflection happens when an enemy hits the player and his weapon bounces back, stunning him and causing Instability Frames.

A hidden stat can be increased to deflect attacks, the higher it is, more attacks will be deflected. This stat can be found in:

Projectile Deflection

Projectile deflection consists on hitting a projectile with an attack, deflecting it and taking no damage in the process.

Ammunition and some consumable items like Throwing Knifes can be deflected, but not Firebombs.

Attacks that can deflect projectiles are:

Spell Deflection

When a spell is deflected its trajectory deviates, avoiding the collision with the player.

Most spells that act as projectiles can be deflected.

The player's own spells can also be deflected if the deflection effect lasts enough to affect them.

Effects that deflect spells:

Information here is accurate for version 2.15.

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