Entering any covenant found throughout Lothric affects the multiplayer mechanics in various ways.
Completing duties for a covenant grants the player certain tokens, which can be returned to the covenant leader to unlock unique rewards. Each covenant also grants a certain bonus while equipped.

Covenants can be switched on the fly by equipping their respective covenant item.


Covenant Leader Token Effect while equipped
Aldrich Faithful Archdeacon McDonnell Human Dregs Boosts Dark damage by 5%
Darkmoon Faithful Company Captain Yorshka Proof of a Concord Kept Restores 1 FP every second
Blue Sentinels Company Captain Yorshka Proof of a Concord Kept Increases max FP by 5%
Chaos Servants Cornyx of the Great Swamp Fire Seed Boosts Fire damage by 5%
Company of Champions Domhnall of Zena Awestone Boosts Souls gained from defeated enemies by 10%
Boosts enemy damage and absorption by 30%
Dragon Remnants Hawkwood the Deserter
Archdragon Peak Altar
Dragon Eye Boosts Stamina Damage by 25%
Mound Makers Sacrificial Altar Vertebra Shackle Boosts Physical damage by 5%
Pilgrims of Dark Karla Abyssal Fragment Increases casting speed by 15
Ritualist Pact Ritualist Ellie Ritual Incense Allows the summoning of a companion whilst hollow and for multiple Companions to be summoned simultaneously
Rosaria's Fingers Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth Pale Tongue Boosts Souls gained from defeated enemies by 10%
Servant of the Rat Remy the Rat Rat Tail Boosts all Defenses and Resistances by 5%
Spears of the Church Filianore's Altar Filianore's Spear Ornament Restores 3 HP per second
Thieves' Pact Greirat of the Undead Settlement Titanite (no offerings) Boosts Item Discovery by +25
Vinheim Scholars Orbeck of Vinheim Crystal Fragment Boosts Magic damage by 5%
Warriors of Sunlight Solaire of Astora
Altar of Sunlight
Sunlight Medal Boosts Lightning damage by 5%
Watchdogs of Farron Old Wolf of Farron Wolf's Blood Swordgrass Reduces weapon and spell Stamina Consumption by 10%
Way of Blue High Priestess Emma Various consumables (no offerings) Increases max HP by 5%
Way of White Irina of Carim Holy Fragment Boosts Estus Flask recovery by 10%


  • Covenants can be switched to on the fly without penalty. Covenants cannot be switched while playing as a Phantom.
  • Your current covenant is displayed in a special slot within your inventory.
  • Specific enemies have low chances of dropping your Covenant's Tokens.
  • When playing as or with an allied player Phantom, you and your ally gain half the normal drop chance for each other's Covenant's Tokens.
  • You must discover a covenant before you can switch to it.
  • Multiple copies of covenant rewards can be obtained as long as the player has enough offerings.

Information here is accurate for version 1.92.

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