Recovery Items

These items can recover HP, FP, heal Status Effects, etc.

Icon Name Availability Usage
estus-flask.jpg Estus Flask
ashen-estus-flask-dish.jpg Ashen Estus Flask Picked up in the tutorial section of the Cemetery of Ash, by the broken fountain.
siegbrau-dish.jpg Siegbräu
purple-moss-clump-dish.jpg Purple Moss Clump
blooming-purple-moss-clump-dish.jpg Blooming Purple Moss Clump
bloodred-moss-clump-dish.jpg Bloodred Moss Clump
rime-blue-moss-clump-dish.jpg Rime-blue Moss Clump
purging-stone-dish.jpg Purging Stone
divine-blessing-dish.jpg Divine Blessing
hidden-blessing-dish.jpg Hidden Blessing

Throwable Items

These items can be thrown at enemies to deal damage.

Icon Name Availability Usage
throwing-knife-dish.jpg Throwing Knife
poison-throwing-knife-dish.jpg Poison Throwing Knife
kukri.jpg Kukri
firebomb-dish.jpg Firebomb
rope-firebomb-dish.jpg Rope Firebomb
black-firebomb-dish.jpg Black Firebomb
rope-black-firebomb-dish.jpg Rope Black Firebomb
MENU_Knowledge_00057.png Witching Urn
lightning-urn-dish.jpg Lightning Urn
MENU_Knowledge_00055.png Hexing Urn
dung-pie-dish.jpg Dung Pie
stalk-dung-pie-dish.jpg Stalk Dung Pie

Item Buffs

These items grant buffs when consumed.

Icon Name Availability Usage
MENU_Knowledge_00050.png Old Growth Balm
MENU_Knowledge_00051.png Vine Balm
blackweed-balm5.jpg Blackweed Balm
MENU_Knowledge_00053.png Goldenfruit Balm
charcoal-pine-bundle-dish.jpg Charcoal Pine Bundle
charcoal-pine-resin-dish.jpg Charcoal Pine Resin
gold-pine-bundle-dish.jpg Gold Pine Bundle
gold-pine-resin-dish.jpg Gold Pine Resin
pale-pine-resin-dish.jpg Pale Pine Resin
human-pine-resin-dish.jpg Human Pine Resin
rotten-pine-resin-dish.jpg Rotten Pine Resin
carthus-rouge-dish.jpg Carthus Rouge
red-bug-pellet-dish.jpg Red Bug Pellet
blue-bug-pellet-dish.jpg Blue Bug Pellet
yellow-bug-pellet-dish.jpg Yellow Bug Pellet
black-bug-pellet-dish.jpg Black Bug Pellet
mossfruit-dish.jpg Mossfruit
green-blossom-dish.jpg Green Blossom
budding-green-blossom-dish.jpg Budding Green Blossom
MENU_Knowledge_00098.png Brightbug
rusted-coin-dish.jpg Rusted Coin
rusted-gold-coin-dish.jpg Rusted Gold Coin
MENU_Knowledge_01026.png Tarnished Coin
MENU_Knowledge_01034.png Tarnished Silver Coin

Support Items

These items don't do damage, but can affect gameplay in different ways.

Icon Name Availability Usage
ember-dish.jpg Ember
beastly-flesh.png Beastly Flesh
blood-of-might.jpg Blood of Might
alluring-skull-dish.jpg Alluring Skull
repair-powder-dish.jpg Repair Powder
undead-hunter-charm.jpg Undead Hunter Charm
duel-charm-dish.jpg Duel Charm
young-white-branch-dish.jpg Young White Branch
homeward-bone-dish.jpg Homeward Bone
prism-stone-dish.jpg Prism Stone
MENU_Knowledge_00104.png Cleansing Pendant
seed-of-a-giant-tree-dish.jpg Seed of a Giant Tree
cracked-red-eye-orb-dish.jpg Cracked Red Eye Orb


These items grant Souls when consumed.

Icon Name Availability Usage
fading-soul-dish.jpg Fading Soul
large-soul-of-a-deserted-corpse-dish.jpg Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse
soul-of-a-deserted-corpse-dish.jpg Soul of a Deserted Corpse
soul-of-an-unknown-traveler-dish.jpg Soul of an Unknown Traveler
large-soul-of-an-unknown-traveler-dish.jpg Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler
soul-of-a-nameless-soldier-dish.jpg Soul of a Nameless Soldier
large-soul-of-a-nameless-soldier-dish.jpg Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier
soul-of-a-weary-warrior-dish.jpg Soul of a Weary Warrior
large-soul-of-a-weary-warrior-dish.jpg Large Soul of a Weary Warrior
soul-of-a-crestfallen-knight-dish.jpg Soul of a Crestfallen Knight
large-soul-of-a-crestfallen-knight-dish.jpg Large Soul of a Crestfallen Knight
soul-of-a-proud-paladin-dish.jpg Soul of a Proud Paladin
large-soul-of-a-proud-paladin-dish.jpg Large Soul of a Proud Paladin
soul-of-an-intrepid-hero-dish.jpg Soul of an Intrepid Hero
large-soul-of-an-intrepid-hero-dish.jpg Large Soul of an Intrepid Hero
soul-of-a-seasoned-warrior-dish.jpg Soul of a Seasoned Warrior
large-soul-of-a-seasoned-warrior-dish.jpg Large Soul of a Seasoned Warrior
soul-of-an-old-hand-dish.jpg Soul of an Old Hand
soul-of-a-venerable-old-hand-dish.jpg Soul of a Venerable Old Hand
soul-of-a-champion-dish.jpg Soul of a Champion
soul-of-a-great-champion-dish.jpg Soul of a Great Champion

Boss Souls

Boss Souls can be consumed to gain special buffs, use them in Soul Transposion, or sell them to gain Souls.

Icon Name Availability Usage
soul-of-a-crystal-sage-dish.jpg Soul of a Crystal Sage
soul-of-a-demon-dish.jpg Soul of a Demon
soul-of-a-stray-demon-dish.jpg Soul of a Stray Demon
soul-of-aldrich-dish.jpg Soul of Aldrich
soul-of-boreal-valley-vordt-dish.jpg Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt
soul-of-champion-gundyr-dish.jpg Soul of Champion Gundyr
soul-of-consumed-oceiros-dish.jpg Soul of Consumed Oceiros
soul-of-darkeater-midir-dish.jpg Soul of Darkeater Midir
soul-of-dragonslayer-armour-dish.jpg Soul of Dragonslayer Armour
soul-of-high-lord-wolnir-dish.jpg Soul of High Lord Wolnir
soul-of-pontiff-sulyvahn-dish.jpg Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn
soul-of-rosaria-dish.jpg Soul of Rosaria
soul-of-sister-friede-dish.jpg Soul of Sister Friede
soul-of-slave-knight-gael-dish.jpg Soul of Slave Knight Gael
soul-of-the-blood-of-the-wolf-dish.jpg Soul of the Blood of the Wolf
soul-of-the-dancer-dish.jpg Soul of the Dancer
soul-of-the-deacons-of-the-deep-dish.jpg Soul of the Deacons of the Deep
soul-of-the-demon-prince-dish.jpg Soul of the Demon Prince
soul-of-the-lords-dish.jpg Soul of the Lords
soul-of-the-nameless-king-dish.jpg Soul of the Nameless King
soul-of-the-old-demon-king-dish.jpg Soul of the Old Demon King
soul-of-the-rotted-greatwood-dish.jpg Soul of the Rotted Greatwood
soul-of-the-twin-princes-dish.jpg Soul of the Twin Princes
soul-of-yhorm-the-giant-dish.jpg Soul of Yhorm the Giant
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